Teen pregnancy is not entertainment


The stars of “16 and Pregnant,” as well as “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” are a topic we love to rant and rave about. The hit television show gets 3.64 million viewers.

Like it or not, these shows set an example for young girls in both positive and negative ways. To start with the negative, teen pregnancy has gone up from 5 percent to 11.9 percent with a 70 percent chance of them dropping out of high school, since “16 and Pregnant” first aired, according to waldenu.edu.

Over 10 shows including “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Are we there yet?” and “Gigantic” have all addressed teen pregnancy trying to undo all the damage MTV has done.

MTV’s motivation for the show may not have been to get teens thinking that having babies might get you 15 minutes of fame, but weak minded teens might pick that up from the show.

Most teens with common sense understand that they are just highlighting teen girls that are in an unfortunate situation who can make it through by an inch of help from their parents.

The ones getting help from their parents are the ones who are going to work, going to school and have their own apartment. Some girls realize that those teens don’t go out and at that point they either get on birth control or don’t have sex.

What some of these little girls are not thinking about is that the second you get pregnant, even without being in the spotlight, it comes with responsibility in itself.

Being in the spotlight multiplies that responsibility. Every little thing you do, such as getting into a backyard fight, will get you in the worst possible trouble, because everybody knows judges like to make an example out of celebrities.

A “Teen Mom 2” star was arrested after fighting a girl over her on-again, off-again boyfriend. The fight started by the teen’s friends pushing her into the other girl as other friends sat around and recorded what was going on.

The “Teen Mom 2” star fought the girl and the video was put on YouTube and headlined as “Teen Mom star beats girls ass.” The video was then shown on TMZ, along with her mug shots.

Not only are things like that happing in the public eye, for every girl to see and mimic but four of this young girl’s friends are proven to be pregnant as well. MTV needs to draw the line.