Tactless ‘Sexy Anna Rexia’ Halloween costume mocks eating disorder

Every Halloween we all expect to see firemen, zombies, the occasional Sarah Palin and many other crazy disguises at costume parties. People strive for creativity, originality and shock value in their costumes in attempt to win the most attention.

There’s the perfect costume for those who wish for not only shock value, but insensitivity. The costume, known as “Sexy Anna Rexia,” allows one to play the part of an anorexic woman. Instead of being portrayed as a woman suffering from a fatal illness, Sexy Anna Rexia is just a seductress who believes there’s no such thing as being too thin.

The costume was originally created by costume manufacturer Dreamgirl in 2007 and was later discontinued, according to an article on CNN.

It includes a form fitting black dress with a printed skeleton on it, tape measure belt, headband and badge that reads “Anna Rexia.” All these components are put together to create a seemingly jaw dropping costume, guaranteeing you to be the topic of conversation at any party.

Just forget the name tag and make sure to tell everyone, “It may look like I’m just wearing a sexy skeleton costume, but I’m actually completely obtuse and insensitive.”

Sexy Anna Rexia has crossed the line. If people are talking about you in your Sexy Anna Rexia costume at a party, they’re probably commenting on the callous concept of the outfit you chose to wear. The underlying message that this costume sends is that it’s acceptable to mock one of the most fatal mental illnesses in America.

There are many costumes already out there that are considered to be tactless in reference to a person’s lifestyle. Just last Halloween I witnessed a man dressed up as a Mormon missionary­—complete with suit, helmet and bicycle. With that, it’s clear the line between appropriate and inappropriate has been skewed and blurred throughout the years.

The designers of the costume have gone too far in that they seemed to have forgotten that anorexia is not always a lifestyle choice but is first and foremost a serious disorder. It’s an illness that has affected over 8 million Americans and kills roughly 1,000 women every year according to anorexianervosatreatment.com.

Costume selection is based on an individual’s personal taste, and of course it’s natural to desire a costume that’s going to turn heads.
However, we should stick with our flirtatious French maid costumes or an impressive robot ensemble.

It’s not necessary to pick something as incredibly offensive as Sexy Anna Rexia in order to get the attention you want. Remember there’s an immense amount of people who suffer from anorexia and you never know if someone battling the illness is in the room with you.