No room for big Myspace comeback

Once upon a time there was a social network giant that was the goto place for sharing all things in one’s world online and meeting up with people virtually, and then it died.There was a time that hearing the words “Hey, add me on Myspace” were a serious matter for young people and your status on Myspace meant everything about your status in the real world.

That was of course before, over a few short years, Myspace became a footnote in the history of social media. A punch line of jokes that long ago stopped being funny.

In the time since the decline of Myspace various other contenders for the social networking crown have emerged.

While there are shaky moments, Facebook has managed to maintain the spot it took from Myspace long ago. Reaching a billion members in September shows that while slowed, Facebook is still a contender of social media.

Alongside Facebook, is Twitter still pushing along strong. Others have entered the race such as Pinterest and Instagram, which Facebook purchased earlier this year.

Google tried to throw their hat into the ring with Google + leading to mixed results as well as the fact that even with their user levels they are not poised to knock any of the other sites out of the running.

So with all of these sites fighting for the already minimal time, or attention span for some users, is there really room for Myspace again?

Justin Timberlake seems to think so. The minority owner in Myspace and music artist has his name and face plastered all over the site and video promoting the social network’s return.

Perhaps Timberlake’s role as Napster founder Sean Parker in the 2010 movie ‘The Social Network’ spurred him on to want to get in on the ground floor of the phenomenon. It is quite the money maker I hear.

While the entrepreneurial spirit should always be fostered and applauded, as it is one of the backbone ideals of this country, in this case it seems an endeavor that is not destined for greatness.

It is hard to even think of a world where Myspace could be popular again after the dramatic fall it went through.

That’s like wondering if Crystal Pepsi, the XFL, and AOL are primed for a comeback. Not sure what those are? Just think of them as things like Myspace, best forgotten relics of the past.

Perhaps I’ll be wrong though. Maybe, just maybe, Myspace will rise from the unmarked grave alongside the highway it was callously tossed in years ago.

Maybe it will rise to the top and be the talk of the town. After all  new and younger members of society are joining the net everyday with no clue that Myspace used to be a thing.

Maybe that is where their return will work. Banking on the knowledge of their first try at being relevant not being knowledge that is held by potential users.

They can hope at least.