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Florida brings segregation into the 21st century

Learning the same material as the person that sits next to you in math class is ideal.

Everyone learning all the same thing no matter the challenges that one may encounter. Everything is equal.

Well in Florida that isn’t the case anymore. Students are being judged on their race instead of their grades when it comes to education.

When should a certain demographic be put in front of another?

NEVER! It’s just not right either way you think about it.

Goals for reading and math have been set up for each racial group. Some Florida educators  call the newly passed bill an “ill-advised” plan that is destined to fail, according to a 2012 article from Fox News website.

Why would you want to separate students depending on their race just to educate them?

Florida’s Education Board is acting like African American and Hispanic students have some type of cootie and the only way to get through to them is by putting them all together in a room.

According to a 2012 article from The Inquisitr, the success threshold for African American or Hispanic students is set far lower. Just 74 percent of black and 81 percent of Hispanic learners must be able to work at or above their current grade level for the curriculum to be considered effective.

The school board is relying back on the old school perceptions of race from the past.

All students should be held to high standards and for them to say to African Americans and Hispanics that the goal is below the other demographics is unacceptable.

Yes African Americans and Hispanics have the lowest academic scores but why seclude them to different education than White or Asian students?

People like Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez fought for equality in not only education but everything.

Passing that law is like a slap in the face for what they fought for.

Maybe instead of segregating the students based on race and they should focus on test scores and help the ones that are struggling the most.

Just because you are a certain demographic doesn’t mean that you have low or high test scores.

Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, not getting that opportunity can hurt a person. I know it would hurt me.

Maybe all racial groups can be held at the same high standard. That way educators will have to work with everyone equally.

Lets not promote thing kind of educational plan that Florida has came to love.
The board said that separating the students based on demographic will help them reach the test scores that they are striving to reach for their state.

How? They are still resorting to the same style of education that was presented to African Americans in the 1950s.

All they are doing is dumbing down the work and it just makes it seem like they don’t care.

I really expect for concerns that civil rights leaders fought for to keep progressing and not go in reverse.

Any time race is mentioned regarding education, people become rightfully sensitive and concerned, so why pass something like this anyhow?

Not only is this bill disrespectful to civil rights leaders that helped mold this country for the better of the youth.

Lets get it together before our country falls back to its old Jim Crow ways.

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Latisha Gibson
Latisha Gibson, Former Staff
After serving terms on the Connection in fall 2012 and spring 2013, Latisha has renewed focus on obtaining her journalism degree. While on staff she sought to hone her skills and expand upon them. Latisha has aspirations to work in the field of magazines one day. Semesters on Staff: Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

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Florida brings segregation into the 21st century