Disney empire strikes back

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away a man named George Lucas created a little movie called Star Wars, which went on to spawn an expansive universe and franchise.

You might have heard about it.

In the same galaxy an even longer time before, there was another man by the name of Walt Disney that started a little park called Disneyland and a media empire that is a dominating force in the entertainment world.

What could happen if those two billion dollar entities were to come together in a financially backed marriage? Well we’re poised to find out just that.

In news that seemed to surprise many, Lucas sold Lucasfilms, the studio behind Star Wars and other projects, to Disney for $4.05 billion, according to an article from the Hollywood Reporter.

With this deal comes news that Star Wars Episode Seven through Nine will be produced and distributed by Disney with goals to release Star Wars movies every two to three years.

On the day this was announced, to paraphrase the great Obi Wan Kenobi, many could feel a great disturbance “as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror.”

Words have been thrown around by fans–most of them relating to despair and outrage at the idea of further movies that might deter from the extended universe that grew out of the movies. Death of the franchise was a favorite one used by many around the net.

After the release of the original trilogy of movies the world of Star Wars continued. Novels, comics and various games were included in this extended universe.

I’m one of those who loved just about everything Star Wars that came out. I have shelves full of the novels that have told the continuing stories of Luke, Han and Leia and even various offspring and other characters.

I’ve read many of them cover to cover repeatedly and would do so again in a heartbeat. I’ll admit that there were many nights I often wished those books could be turned into movies.

Yet if Disney does not go that route and chooses to do something else based off the treatments for a new trilogy they got from Lucas in the deal, I won’t lose any sleep.

Would I prefer to see the extended universe adventures I know and love continue? Of course, but just because Disney is making a new trilogy does not change the extended universe’s place in my heart and mind.

I don’t see the franchise dying because of some new movies that are made by Disney. If the franchise could survive the prequel trilogy and the whining of Anakin Skywalker and the walking abomination called Jar Jar Binks, it can survive Disney having a hand in the movies.

Will this truly turn out to be the worst decision that could be made when it comes to Star Wars? Perhaps, but until things move further ahead we’ll never know.

If Disney could purchase Marvel and stay true to the core of Marvel’s properties and chose Joss Whedon to bring to light a billion dollar grossing Avengers movie, there is still hope for Star Wars.

May the force be with us. We’re going to need it.