To play or not to play, that is the question

First-person shooter games are very popular amongst gamers everywhere. It is more common for gamers to play such games especially with online play. However, does that mean every gamer should play it and it would seem uncommon for one not to?

“Halo 4” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” had recently come out and are, like other games of each respective franchise, taking the gaming world by storm. The “Halo” series has been popular since the first game coming out back in 2001, but it was “Halo 2,” which came out in 2004, that started using online support and has been that way for the following games of the series.

I remember reading how after “Halo 3” coming out back in 2007, many movie theaters were slow in ticket sales the weekend following the release of that game.

As far as “Call of Duty” goes, while the series has been popular for a long time, it didn’t get more popular until the release of “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.” From that point on, “Modern Warfare” expanded into its own series and then came “Black Ops,” which is now its own series considering the release of its sequel “Black Ops II.”

For quite some time, I had wondered why these games are overhyped. Many players of these games will not admit it but these games have a lot of hype surrounding them. The multiplayer gameplay is why these games are so popular in the first place. Also, I have heard from people how some gamers get a little hostile during online play. Some gamers out there tend to be sore losers when losing during multiplayer. Some also take the gaming a little more seriously than they should.

From my perspective, I tend to have little interest in playing these games. I have played a “Halo” game before and I have played a little bit of a “Call of Duty” game before. While I can say that these games are fun for what they are, I think that they are a little overrated. So a person goes around and shoots aliens or other soldiers? It’s been done many times before. New features or not, some gamers act as if these games are the “be all end all” of video games. I still remember in my high school days when fellow students referred to “Halo” as such.

As a gamer myself, I tend to be more interested in other types of action games besides first person shooters. I find fighting games to be a little more interesting. I am more interested in playing third person action games as opposed to first person. I remember talking with some younger cousins about the games I play and one said “You don’t play ‘Black Ops’?” as if it were a surprise. Some have even went so far as to ask why I don’t and when I explained my reason, they still asked me why.

Is it the online play that makes the games popular? Why is that it would seem out of the norm if someone is not interested in playing these games? There are many gamers out there who would rather play something else besides these games. Just my two cents.