Photo I.D. login for Facebook is commendable

With the rise of social media, more and more people are able to communicate and spread information. Having the possibility to connect with that person you lost contact with after high school or even reach out and meet your future partner is just a click away.

The problem with this is the amount of scam and fake accounts that surface creating problems.

As a result of these issues, Facebook has started requiring their users to provide photo ID to login as part of a security precaution.

Initially, many users of the multi-billion dollar site thought the requirement was a scam but quickly learned it was not.

Fake accounts and internet scamming has become so widely known and prominent recently that a movie, television show and even a verb was created; Catfish.

Catfish means to pretend to be someone else on the internet and intend to make others fall in love with you.

Recently, former University of Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o was involved in an internet scam that lasted over three years.

Many think that Facebook’s intentions and actions are stupid while others believe the idea is a good one.

It does sound a little silly requiring users to submit a legal and up to date photo ID to be able to login to a free and public website.

On the other hand, making sure you identify you are who you say you are is not asking for much.

Personally, this is a good idea. I commend Facebook for doing this.

In my own experiences with Facebook, I have had accounts and users that have turned out to be fake and attempted users trying to scam people into believing that they are who their picture says they are.

Also, I have first-hand knowledge of someone I know having a Facebook account made of them without their knowledge and the account made claims that were not true.

Security and making sure people do not get scammed is nice.

People use the internet everyday and all throughout the day. The internet is so big it can not be controlled.

With Facebook implementing this security precaution, this is their attempt at making sure Facebook is a safe and friendly website.

Yes, they are forcing something on people just to use a website but at the same time if you really truly like the website, making sure you are who you say you are is not asking for too much.