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Same-sex couple equality goes beyond the calls for marriage

Just as the Obama administration felt that California voters were wrong for passing Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage in California, the Roseville Galleria Mall and its security were wrong for asking a gay couple to leave the property for showing simple signs of affection.

Jose Guzman, 24, and his boyfriend 21-year-old Daniel Chesmore were asked to leave the mall March 2 for holding hands and kissing on the cheek.

Yes, a simple kiss on the cheek.

It is yet another example of what gay couples have to endure in everyday life simply because they love another human being of the same sex.

Maybe if this couple were engaging in a full-on public make-out session, in which any couple, homosexual or heterosexual, should be asked to stop, you could say the security guard did what he was supposed to do.

However, being banned for a simple kiss on the cheek is just outrageous.

How would you feel if you were asked to leave a mall for holding hands with your significant other, or for giving him or her a kiss on the cheek?

You’d probably feel outraged, but if you’re a heterosexual, you would never have to worry about that because it would more than likely never be a problem.

For gay couples, it remains a huge problem.

Here are better questions: what if that was a lesbian couple? Would the security guard take the same action or would he mind his own business, finding two women kissing attractive?

What a cruel and unusual world we live in.

The Galleria and the security it employs should be embarrassed by this incident, and no matter what good they try to come up with to right this wrong, the damage has already been done.

The Galleria has made national news and angered an entire community that seems to become stronger and more united after incidents like these. Not only homosexuals, but heterosexuals who feel like these people deserve the same equality as them.

This includes people like Bill Clinton, who is now urging the Supreme Court to strike down a law he signed 17 years ago, in 1996, that bans same-sex marriage.

If Bill Clinton can come to his senses, then maybe, just maybe, this security guard can come to his.

If he doesn’t, the mall needs to provide extra security on Mar. 9 when the people they have angered come together and unite once again at a “kiss-in” at the Roseville Galleria in support of this gay couple and gay couples across the country.

Equality may never exist in this world, but don’t tell that to people like Daniel and Jose. You can kick them out, but you can’t knock them out.

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Victor Macias, Former Staff
Serving two semesters on The Connection, Victor focused on sports and opinion during his second term while working to expand his work from the previous semester. Semesters on Staff: Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

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Same-sex couple equality goes beyond the calls for marriage