Fall Flavors for Everyone

Ben Brown, Staff Writer

With weather in the mid-90s as it currently is, one of the last things I think about is hot coffee.

One of the biggest times of the year for coffee shops is the fall and winter seasons, because of the seasonal flavors they have.

But are seasonal flavors really necessary when I still have to turn the air conditioner in my car on full blast so I do not melt to death?

Recently, Starbucks has re-introduced and started whipping around some of their popular fall flavors like pumpkin spiced lattes and salted caramel mochas into espresso machines.

The problem is, traditionally when you think of pumpkin breads and coffees you associate colder weather and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving with them, not Labor Day.

The problem I have with it is that it’s too early.

During September I want to be thinking about the start of the NFL season or what team could get hot and make a run at the World Series.

What I do not want to be thinking about is running down to Starbucks to start sipping on that Pumpkin Spiced Latte I’ve been waiting for since last November.

Sadly, Starbucks is not alone in their pattern of introducing seasonal products too early in the year.

It seems like year after year the holidays and the sort of fall and winter themes arrive earlier and earlier.

I remember last year I was noticing artificial Christmas trees and decorations at Lowe’s in the middle of September, a whole four months away from something we celebrate one day out of the year.

Yes I know, it’s ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why companies present things like Christmas early. It gets you thinking about the holidays.

Their goal is to embed more of the idea of buying gifts or decorations.

What companies fail to realize is there is a time for everything and September is not a time for me thinking about jolly ole Saint Nick coming down my chimney.

Give it time, Christmas is not going anywhere. We all know when it is, we do not need to be reminded about it in September.

These holidays come one right after another. Why not start the anticipation and festivities in order?

Why am I being reminded of Christmas before I am Halloween when Halloween is almost two months before Christmas?

I understand that fall is the most anticipated season consumer wise with all of the holidays. But can I at least enjoy the last bit of summer I have before you jam these things down my throat?