Editorial: No room left for judgment in the church

Editorial Staff

Pope Francis shocked many people and stirred debate from both church-going conservatives and pro-equality liberals with his long overdue comments. In recent interviews, the Pope said it is not his place to judge homosexuals.

“I said that if a homosexual person is of good will and is in search of God, I am no one to judge,” he said to Jesuit magazine America.

The Pope’s comments are being interpreted in many different ways. And while withholding judgment and acceptance are two separate things, there is a message that everyone can learn from regardless of religion.

Across the world, societies are fighting wars and starting revolutions that America is involving itself in. Yet, on the home front our citizens struggle with simple ideas such as equality for all.

Homosexuals are still facing persecution throughout our own country. In New York City alone, anti-gay hate crimes spiked 70 percent this year, New York’s police commissioner Ray Kelly said in a Business Insider article.

Despite these hardships, Congress repealed the hotly-debated “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on Dec. 21, 2010, and sent it along to be signed by the president. This alone allows enlisted homosexuals to be open about their sexuality without fear of being discharged from service.

On top of that, 13 states currently allow same-sex marriages, with New Jersey soon to be added to the list. California’s mistake, known as the passage of Proposition 8, was rectified so that the The Golden State could proudly sit in these ranks.

While the wins for equality are starting to grow in number, it does not mean that the battle is over. For that, a fundamental change in thoughts is needed

People should not judge one another. Whether or not someone agrees with gay marriage, it does not give them the right to take away the rights of others. The Church is one of the oldest, most unwavering institutions and if it can manage to at least stop turning people away from its doors, then society as a whole should be able to put aside their prejudices.

America is a very diverse country, and the world is an even bigger stage for the myriad of cultures. No single group’s thoughts should dictate the lives of others. If that were the case, America would still be a collection of British colonies wondering when they would get their own freedoms.