Broaden horizons through traveling

College years are meant to provide students with a well-rounded education for their future lives and careers, and the best way to get the most knowledge of diversity is through traveling.

Traveling offers way more than a break from reality. It functions as a way to understand the diversity in cultures all around the world, which is why colleges offer study abroad programs. This great experience hits two birds with one stone because you’re studying while being exposed to all the great things that place has to offer.

Just imagine sitting on a gondola while in the waters of Venice, or on a truck going through the African Safari. These aren’t the only experiences, but some of the more popular.

Even if the vacation is among our 50 states there is still a contrast between what we’re used to here in California than those in Minnesota or Louisiana.

Traveling also sets the tone for independence, which is an ability that college students should have. There’s also the opportunity to create some long lasting friendships or even network for future careers.

The idea of adventure time is more than enough to get the bags packed, but if that doesn’t do it, then the food should.

There are so many foods to try like Philly cheese steak while in Philadelphia, or gumbo from New Orleans, and that’s just within the states. There’s authentic Italian pasta or Swiss chocolate.

Nothing can beat the taste of a native dish, participating in a variety of activities that you normally wouldn’t be exposed to or even just listening to the natural rhythm of the country.

Some people would say that students already have enough to worry about financially, with class prices rising. However, studies show college students spend a lot of money on food, clothes and entertainment.

Students spend 40 percent of their money on discretionary items such as technology, entertainment, and clothes, according to a survey by Nationwide Bank.

Spending money wisely can help save for trips. Starting a trip jar or a savings account is another way to save, just keep adding to it daily.

Companies like EF College Break, a traveling agency dedicated to provide college students with traveling experiences all over the world, offer great deals on different trips all over the world specifically for college students or anyone between the ages of 18 and 28.

The last day to sign up for a trip with EF College Break is 99 days prior to the trips departure, so pick a destination and start packing.

With a few sacrifices taking a trip to Europe or even a road trip across the United States can easily be done.

College is a point in life where many students don’t have family obligations such as children or a spouse, a serious nine to five job and better yet it’s when students still don’t have to pay back those college loans.

With spring break is just around the corner there’s just enough time to plan a road trip, and if you’re looking for something more exotic summer is only a few months away.