Students need to branch out of their routine and re-create a sense of community on campus

Cosumnes River College is home to a little over 14,000 students, according to CRC’s admissions website.  The college is also host to an all women’s swim team, board game clubs and even a collaborative student newspaper, all of which go completely unnoticed by most students on campus. There is an obvious feeling of disconnect amongst the students of CRC.

There are plenty of ways for students at CRC to get involved in something they are passionate about, as long as they look for it in the right places.  Many students form social bonds with each other depending on their age, what classes they are in or whatever days they are on campus.  It’s disappointing to think that there are bonds that may never be formed because of our tendencies to get trapped in our own worlds.

There are plenty of beautiful thriving communities at other colleges in the Sacramento area with students that are engaged in the events at their respective campuses, even community colleges.

CRC is not an underprivileged college by any means;  we are just as diverse, just as populated and just as educated.  Then it stands to reason that CRC should have the same campus spirit and sense of community, but sadly, it simply doesn’t.

Events on campus prove that CRC is lacking in participating students.  CRC recently hosted a blood drive that appeared to have a scarcer turnout than in previous semesters. This semester, our campus was able to collect a total of 113 pints of blood from 153 participants, which is 37 points off our campus goal of 150 points, according to CRC nurse Michelle Barkley.  This may appear to be a modest turnout, but given our campus’ registered 14,000 students we could have done much better.

During the middle of the week, the population on campus is just as bare and scarce as its selection of venues to eat.  Students have gotten into the mundane habit of shuffling to and from their classes, then immediately leaving campus without ever saying a word to a fellow peer they don’t already know.  It is impossible for students to form bonds with each other without taking that first step outside of our comfort zone.

There are student-operated clubs on campus that are constantly looking for anyone to join and participate in, most of which are sure to welcome newcomers with open arms.  Although it is true that students have other obligations in their lives, that alone shouldn’t hinder any student from reaching out and finding their home in the community.

Community colleges should do exactly that, foster a sense of community in its students.  However, the students have to be the ones making the change they want to see in their community.  If the students of CRC are tired of feeling like they are at a mediocre college, then the only solution is to treat it as a college with pride and camaraderie.

If you have a passion for acting, sit in on the drama students on campus for a while and get to know others that share your passion. That is my challenge for the students of CRC; branch out of your comfort zone and get to know your school.  Make yourself involved in the community; go to campus events, talk to a new face in your math class, or go out with a friend to an afternoon softball game.

The students on campus are the same people we pass by in our day to day lives, so there is no reason to have a barrier between ourselves on campus. Whether you have been at CRC for 4 years or just got started this semester, this college is our home and it’s about time we start acting like it.