Liar, Liar Trump you’re fired

The 2016 presidential election could be described as one of the ugliest in recent memory. Between all the controversies, press conferences and speeches, Americans aren’t happy with their options.

Hillary Clinton held a 53 percent unfavorable rating and Donald Trump held a 61 percent unfavorable rating amongst registered voters across eight national polls at the end of August, according to aggregate polls by RealClearPolitics, a Chicago-based political news and polling data aggregator.

Voters aren’t happy with their GOP and DNC representatives. It’s likely part of the reason why Independent party candidate Gary Johnson has polled at nine percent of the vote, according to CNN.

There has been a common lack of fact-checking by the candidates. It has been a special focal point this election by the media, and the political fact-checking organization PolitiFact has kept track of every statement made by both HilClinton and Trump to determine how factual their statements were.

What is amazing about this election is that for as many ignorant, hateful, racist or fear-mongering statements Trump makes, many voters still view Clinton at almost as high of an unfavorable rate as Trump.

There’s the email controversy, in which Clinton used her family’s private email server to store and use for official business in her time as the U.S. secretary of state. Critics of Clinton, or those who have doubts about voting for her, point to her statements that later turned out to be lies or inaccurate.

It’s true. Of the 236 statements fact-checked by PolitiFact, 53 were deemed to be “half-truths”, 35 were called “mostly false”, 27 were “false” and six were labeled as “pants on fire”, the most egregious lies, so she does have a history that could raise some trustworthiness concerns for voters.

Clinton has been labeled a liar by some voters and many opponents, especially Trump. On June 22, he called Clinton a “world-class liar” in front of a crowd of supporters and media members in New York City, according to CNN.

It’s an especially ironic statement when Trump calls Clinton a liar. After all, through all of the public statements and speeches he has made, he told far more lies than Clinton.

Amongst the 229 statements Trump has made that have been fact-checked by PolitiFact, the organization found that 33 were “half-truths”, 38 were “mostly false”, 81 were “false” and 42 were deemed “pants on fire” lies.

Now just compare that for a moment. Trump has eight times as many ‘pants on fire’ statements as Clinton, he has nearly three times as many ‘false’ statements as Clinton and Clinton has told more complete facts, 53, than Trump’s eight.

There isn’t even an argument to be made that it’s tough to choose between Trump and Clinton behind the logic that one is ignorant and the other is a liar. Because it is more than evident that the biggest world-class liar in this election is Trump.

To say these are both terrible candidates and one is not better than the other is just pure ignorance. One candidate, Clinton, showed carelessness with the use of a private server for government emails and wasn’t honest about exactly what happened.

The other candidate, Trump, has called for a ban on an entire group of people based solely on their religious beliefs, half-jokingly suggested idea of stopping Clinton by assassinating her, generalized people coming from Mexico as criminals and rapists and claimed he knows more  about ISIS than generals.

People may not like either candidate and have difficulty siding with one because they find issues with either candidate. But only one of the candidates has made ignorant, racist statements on multiple occasions.

There is no difficult decision that tests voters morals in this election. Voters can either choose to support a hateful, ignorant liar who has little idea how government works or they can vote to stop him and the radical ideas he wants to put in place.