In order to focus on bettering their future, students need more school-involved activities


Photo by Stan Smith

Taking on college courses, working a part-time job and extracurricular activities can put a strain on students’ grades.

However, being a part of school-sponsored activities such as sports teams, yearbook or student government can increase the chances of students improving their grades, attendance and motivation in school.

According to an article written in 2013 by the U.S. Department of Education, “nearly half of all undergraduates take out student loans over the course of their enrollment.” With student debt impacting almost half of college students, I feel more students should focus on their studies to enhance their chances of paying it off.

Last semester, my financial aid was denied and the need to pay for classes was a must.

Some students choose to put their jobs before school, resulting in a lack of motivation to show up to class or even participate in homework.

“Some studies have shown negative effects for students who work during the school year,” according to an article on Student Behaviors and Afterschool Activities.

Money is motivation. I would choose work over completing classwork because money pays for the classes I need in order to achieve my dreams.

It wasn’t until I realized that a balance was needed in order for myself to stay focused on school, while maintaining a job.

However, school-sponsored activities, such as sports teams and study groups, tend to have a positive impact on student attendance and grades, according to study by The National Center for Education Statistics.

“Research has also indicated positive relationships between academic indicators and student participation in school-sponsored extracurricular activities,” according to the study.

Joining The Cosumnes River College Connection became a pride for me. I am able to focus on an extracurricular activity that not only helps with my professional career choices, but gives me the opportunity to become part of a staff and make a commitment to them as well as the readers.

Making such a commitment means attending every class and putting forth the best work because the staff depends on one another, like grades depend on attendance and motivation.

School-sponsored activities give “students [a] sense of engagement or attachment to their school, decreasing the likelihood of school failure and dropping out,” according to an article on Student Behaviors and Afterschool Activities.

As a part of The Connection I can be a part of something bigger than myself, engage with students and inform others of important issues. Choosing to be a part of a school-sponsored activity gave me motivation to succeed.

If I need help with homework, I have a place to get help. Paying for school is hard, but being in school is the only thing that I know I’m doing right.

I know that the choices I make will impact me today and every day after.

Job opportunities will flourish and the chances of creating a better future for myself will be because of a college degree and the school-sponsored activities I chose to be apart of.