Political satire and comical criticism keeps the people’s voice alive

Where can you find news that is biased, yet “true?” Where can you find information that can tell you more about the world in a brutally honest, yet light-hearted tone? Where can you find “news reporters” who point out and laugh at the shortcomings of our government leaders?

That place is the cynical, sarcasm-filled world of political satire, the underbelly of “news media” that serves as a mouthpiece for the common person and a parody of the so-called unbiased news networks.

The term “fake news” has circulated throughout the United States like a wildfire, becoming the go-to phrase for President Trump against news organizations that he finds slanderous.

But as the President goes on Twitter rants labelling news networks as fake, he has also set his sights on comedians and late-night shows that openly mock his leadership.

Running for almost 42 seasons, the late-night show Saturday Night Live has made the Trump Administration its favorite punching bag and demonstrates no sign of stopping any time soon.

On Feb. 4, the show contained a skit of Melissa McCarthy where she played Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, as a strict, nonsensical messenger during a press conference.

McCarthy depicted Spicer as aggressive, ridiculous in his claims about the travel “ban,” violent to the press in what he/she thinks are lies, and overall a giant man-child.

Alongside McCarthy’s performance, Kate Mckinnon played an oblivious Betsy DeVos as she told the press, “I don’t know anything about school,” which refers to her lack of knowledge regarding the public school system.

A week afterwards on Feb. 11, McCarthy reprised her role as the press secretary and continued to yell at the assembled press as if they were ignorant children.

There are even shows dedicated to talking about the political news around the globe, like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, where he brazenly brings up the Trump Administration on a nightly basis.

Noah’s bits include mocking Trump himself, his cabinet, his supporters and everyone else under the Trump banner.

Political satirists like Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and John Stewart whilst he was heading the Daily Show, serve as a vital backbone to the news community.

Where the other news networks bring you the news and maybe add their own bias towards it in a downplayed manner, satirists yell it proudly and aren’t afraid to cut through the lies and trash that is being funneled into the American society.

It’s a bold “wake up” slap to the face for the American people to pay attention and to not be afraid to ask questions when something wrong is being treated as something right.