GoFundMe should be platform for those in need, not for the lazy

When you want to see a change in the world and people are in desperate need of help for donations, you can get the support of other people’s money if you make a GoFundMe account.

This differs from the hard-earned money of a young child selling lemonade in the hot summer sun in front of a driveway attempting to sell a glass of lemonade for 25 cents to cars passing by.

GoFundMe started in 2010 and was intended to be a place for campaign organizers’ donors to use it as a social platform, according to the GoFundMe website.

People have used the website for great intentions of raising donations for certain characters and help for surgeries of people in their desperate time of need.

Other people have taken advantage of the original intentions that GoFundMe started with.

For example, looking around on the website, you could see posts of people who blatantly say they are on there just to acquire money for alcohol and marijuana.

It is ridiculous that people are trying to use other people’s hard earned money just so they can enjoy a time for their selfishness.

Go out and get a job and get your priorities in life straight. It is appalling and disgraceful.

For the personnel who are using the site for great intentions, great job. It’s great to know that some people are using the site for the right reasons.

A great heartwarming example was when a medically retired service member had a page made for him from his peers.

The story started out when this specific service member woke up one morning and felt flu like systems.

It was the start of a long journey for this service member who eventually was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis, which is a rare disease that about 1000 people in the United States get annually that causes the membranes of the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed, according to webmd.com.

The news made its way to the sailors command and they showed numerous support by joining with a member of his family to start a GoFundMe account.

They raised over 3,500 dollars throughout his journey. Luckily the medical bills were paid for by Tricare, who is the medical health provider of the military.

The point of this was to show that there is a decent use for GoFundMe accounts to be around.

Instead of people trying to make a quick buck for that bottle of booze, this page and account can change the life for someone.

The GoFundMe website is used for both ways and it’s unfortunate, but at least there is decency in the world and some people have the right intentions.