Why does birth tourism only exist for whites?

A Florida firm named “Miami Mama” organizes a legal way for Russians to come give birth in the U.S., yet for other ethnic groups it’s not so easy.
It’s called “birth-tourism,” and this is why it’s not okay.
In August 1492, Christopher Columbus left Europe in search of a new world for a better life. He found land that was occupied however and didn’t have established borders, land that white men would come to control who would bring other ethnic groups to, land they founded called America.
Over 500 years later, the people who still possess a strong influence in controlling birthright citizenship in the U.S. are allowing for a clear and easy path for those of their own color, while from a foreign land, to come here and have children that will be granted automatic citizenship, but for minority groups it’s not that simple.
In the last decade, so-called “birth-tourism” has skyrocketed, especially in Florida, with many of the mothers to be coming from Russia. And many are staying at Trump properties during their visit, according to a 2018 NBC News report.
Miami Mama was raided by the FBI in June 2018 and an employee was arrested and convicted of making false statements in filling out passport applications for these “birth-tourists,” according to the report.
President Donald Trump has not been shy when it comes to expressing his beliefs about this issue, saying explicitly that the U.S. needs to end naturalized birthright citizenship altogether
citing “anchor babies” coming through the Mexican border, but is silent on Russian mothers-to-be trying to do the same thing.
It’s no question that President Trump takes issue with immigration and so called “anchor babies” coming from America’s southern border, but at the same time he appears to turn a blind eye towards people of white nationality who wish to create a potential American future for their children by establishing U.S. birthright citizenship for them.
These seemingly unequal nuances at such a superior level are very dangerous. It sets a precedent for, and a quiet acceptance, of inequality on a national scale.
Furthermore the President’s harsh rhetoric on people of color but so silent on those that aren’t, amplifies this danger.
The U.S. Constitution states that all people born on U.S. soil are naturalized citizens.
But certain leaders with high power are trying to hinder that right for minority groups, while allowing it for others.
While that is special treatment for some, it’s harsh inequality for others, and it’s not in line with America’s true values.
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