Solar energy is the new ‘heat’ wave

The bills that come with the cost of living in California are outrageous, and gas prices are no better.

A quote from Ted Hughes said that “Nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for…” But imagine not having to buy something that is overpriced and not really a necessity, something that will make a car continually run without having to pay a every few days for? It’s gas fuel.

According to an article posted on the Sacramento Bee, the average gas price in Sacramento reached $4.01 a gallon to start Monday, up a little more than 4 cents over the past week, according to fuel trend website GasBuddy.

If there’s no such thing as ‘free,’ how about free rides? Students mostly rely on their cars to travel to and from school and work.. Many have to use the money they make from their jobs to not only pay for rent but also for pricey gas.

Just like solar-powered homes, solar cars draw their energy from the sun, converting the vehicle into an electric car. That electricity then fuels the car’s battery which will power the car’s motor. An alternative to the battery, a solar-powered car can use an electric motor with the electricity generated from the sun.

But unless you’re from a well-off family or came into a windfall of money, most students can’t afford the current electric cars like a Tesla to replace their current whip.

By converting your current gas guzzler into an eco-friendly, solar powered vehicle, you can build your own by installing panels on the roof of your car.

A solar electric car will carry a battery pack which will supply the 50+ kiloWatts required for highway speed, according to GreenTransportation.Info.

A good supplier of cost effective solar panels can be found on with the search of “Solar Panel Car.” The prices range from $20 to $100 plus and the panels come with chargers that can be attached to battery terminals while traveling long distances.

Another way to cut costs on gas and electric bills all together is by living in an off-grid RV. Depending on the make and model, they generally supply everything you need for sleep, bathroom and entertainment.

Students who live in RVs and have solar panels installed on the roofs can basically life bill free without having to pay rent or utilities for the electronics on the inside of the vehicle. Most solar panels generate enough energy to last a few days to a couple weeks depending on the size and watts.

Having a solar panel car as a student creates many benefits. They also don’t create greenhouse gases, like their gasoline engine counterparts do. It cuts down drastically on bills.

But the most important fact is that solar energy is widely available, completely free to use and gives the driver and the car complete independence from using costly foreign oil.

Solar powered vehicles are the wave for a greener and cleaner future. By getting on board now will benefit your pockets and the environment in the long run.