Can Overrated Viruses Induce Distress?

The coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19, is the most recent virus to take over the world by storm. Aside from the spread of the virus itself, the biggest problem the virus has created is worldwide fear and distress.

According to John Hopkins University, COVID-19 has caused over 115,000 cases, over 4,200 deaths and over 66,000 have recovered from the virus; as of March 11. 

With over 55% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 recovering and under 4% diagnosed causing deaths, the virus is spreading and is indeed a problem, but it is not the one we should be the most concerned about.

With over 1,000 cases of COVID-19 in the United States according to CBS News, the US population has entered a frenzy of chaos and are emptying the shelves at local retail and grocery stores for water, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper, face and hand wipes.

As people are either putting themselves under self-quarantine or preparing themselves for self-quarantine, your local Target or Walmart will most likely be out of cases of water for your family or toilet paper to put in your bathroom.

Along with water and toilet paper shortage, there is also a temporary shortage in education as 380 schools across the country have shut down operations due to the virus and has affected nearly 260,000 students, according to the education publication EdWeek.

When looking at the sports world, COVID-19 has caused game cancellations, limited access to team locker rooms and events are either happening or going to happen without spectators.

 According to CBS Sports, the torch-lighting ceremony for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be without spectators and the NBA is considering the option of playing games with only essential personnel in attendance, all in response to COVID-19.

So, in hindsight, the coronavirus has managed to spread a disease, run stores out of basic necessities and temporarily strip entertainment from America along with the education of more than a quarter of a million students.

It is ironic how COVID-19 itself has caused around 1,000 cases in the US, but has “indirectly” affected the lives of millions of people who don’t actually have the virus.

The biggest fear that the coronavirus has provoked is not the amount of cases it’s caused or the speed at which it is spreading, but how intimidated the world is by the virus.

Due to the worldwide reaction and the overrated media coverage of the coronavirus, we have entered this ongoing phenomena that can only be altered by the way we react to it.

So when answering the question “Can Overrated Viruses Induce Distress,” the answer is yes. 

Congratulations COVID-19, you infected millions around the world with a virus of fear, anxiety and distress. 

Retail and grocery stores across the United States have begun to run out of supplies such as bottled water, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes and face and hand wipes. Some stores, such as this Target located in Southwest Sacramento, have started to limit the quantity of certain items each guest can purchase.