Give thanks for ‘essential’ workers

It was a Saturday morning, a customer came into Round Table Pizza to pay for their takeout order and before walking out she said, “Thank you for still being here, for being open. I truly appreciate it.”

For those who are currently working, those simple words can make a huge difference in their day. Hearing a ‘Thank You’ goes a long way during this time. 

Although this current pandemic crisis has brought a lot of stress and uncertainty into the lives of many, it is important to remain kind, generous, understanding and patient. 

For many, the stay-at-home order means spending time with their family, working from home, binge watching their favorite Netflix series or perhaps even making some Tik Toks, fun right? However, that’s not the case for everyone. 

There are still many people working during this quarantine and those people are making sure we are still receiving the essential services and products we need. 

Grocery and supermarket workers are restocking shelves, ringing up customers and sanitizing all areas of the store.

Fast food and restaurant workers are packaging the customers food, switching it up by doing curb-side orders or delivering it.

Farmers are continuing to work hard everyday to supply our restaurants and grocery stores with fresh produce. 

Last but not least, our healthcare workers. Our nurses, our doctors, our paramedics, all who risk their lives to help the ill and those who need emergency care. All of those people who risk their lives in order to protect ours. 

They are called ‘essential workers’. People who are working during this crisis to make sure you get your toilet paper, water, pizza, or medical attention. Workers who are putting themselves on the frontline during this pandemic, they are essential. 

When the line at the grocery store is long and you begin to feel impatient, remember that the cashier has been standing long hours and is just as stressed as you are. 

When you order food for take-out and the wait is long, remember to be patient and kind to the cashier. You never know if they had a difficult customer right before you walked in. 

Health care workers are helping their sick patients and risking their own health, afraid that they will bring the virus back home to their family.

Teachers are still lecturing and trying their best to continue to educate their students through Zoom.

Drivers from UPS, Amazon or Fedex are delivering our orders and needs all the way to our doorstep. Drivers are putting in extra effort by sanitizing your packages, by wearing gloves and masks. 

The list goes on and on.

Whenever we find ourselves in front of one of these essential workers, let’s take the time to thank them. To be understanding and patient with them. 

Without them, life during this pandemic would be much harder. Food supply workers, construction workers, delivery drivers, were not considered essential three months ago. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic to realize their value in our daily lives. Let’s take a moment to think about that. 

So yes, we do feel stress, fear, and grief at this time. But let’s make sure our essential workers feel the love, gratitude, and kindness during this time.

Not all superheros wear capes, some wear scrubs, others wear a grocery badge.