As other states see spiking COVID-19 cases, should California be reopening restaurants and gyms?


Courtesy of Rich Pedroncelli

Indoor seating at restaurants has opened once again with limited capacity. Gyms, movie theaters and museums have also reopened.

Across Sacramento County, gyms and restaurants have started to reopen with a limited capacity.
Even though many people are eating out or working out with their friends, family or even by themselves, it’s unsafe and too soon for gyms and restaurants to be open indoors because you’re breathing the same air as everyone else and there is a high risk of catching COVID-19.
There’s a higher risk of eating inside a restaurant due to the virus, and you have to be extra cautious about yourself and your surroundings. You don’t know where people’s hands have been or who touched your utensils.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s important to limit close contact with people outside of your home, encourage hand washing and wear a mask when you’re not eating.
For me, I always do a takeout order because I care about my health and my family’s health since they are much older. They encourage me to pick up my food from a restaurant and eat it at home for my safety.

Despite people being socially distanced at gyms, some choose to not wear a mask because they have difficulty breathing in them while working out, but when they move around or stand too close to other people, the virus can easily spread. They also have to make sure they clean the gym equipment really well right after they use it.
Some people don’t follow the rules of wearing a mask no matter where they’re at, which can increase the chance of catching the virus even more because they’re not protecting themselves.
According to Mayo Clinic, there are many outdoor activities you can enjoy at the park or in your neighborhood, such as walking, running, hiking and biking.
People have options for what they want to do, but it’s important to be mindful of what you’re doing and most importantly, to wear a mask in public places.
The best option is to do a takeout order or workout outside or at home because it lowers the risk of catching COVID-19 and prevents contact from other people outside of your household.
We’re still in a pandemic and a vaccine for COVID-19 hasn’t been released yet.
Another huge wave of infections occurred back in June and restaurants were shut down to just outdoor seating. This time around, we need to avoid social gatherings.
Once there is a vaccine for coronavirus, gyms and restaurants will be safe enough to reopen again. The same thing applies to other places that are reopening as well.
Remember, always wash your hands, practice social distancing and be safe.