Online learning creates complications for students


Asyah Zamani

School has transitioned to online learning amid the pandemic, causing problems for students. Stress, attention and socialization are just a few issues that come with distance learning.

It has been a year since the coronavirus pandemic has struck the nation, leaving students quarantined to learn online from their household, which can drastically affect their mental health and create difficulties learning.
There are several things that can cause obstacles for students in an online environment, such as staying motivated, internet issues, distractions and loneliness.
Staying focused in classes can also be challenging for students due to being confined to a living space with family or friends, along with a background that can be noisy and serve as an annoyance.
In my online learning experience, trying to stay focused at home is a difficult task because my family is very talkative and they can be loud at times, especially when they’re watching television with the volume blaring or talking on the phone.
This disturbance is difficult when trying to concentrate really hard on an assignment and your household is noisy. At times, you wish you could go study in a library or anywhere quiet instead.
Internet issues can also add to the stress for students because sometimes their internet connection can be unstable and lose connection midway through a Zoom lecture.
Computer glitches may occur on top of that and can be irritating when trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with your device.
One of the largest distractions students face when it comes to online learning is going on their phone during Zoom class meetings, which takes their attention away from their lectures. Another distraction that is prominent among students while learning online is when family members try to talk to them during class.
The top distractions for students are social media, texting and television, which can pull one’s attention away and diminish productivity, according to Affordable Colleges Online. It’s important for students to maintain a healthy school-life balance, so their responsibilities aren’t neglected.
Interaction can be tough for students in their online classes because they are not physically in a classroom with other students and can cause loneliness. However, the synchronous classes, which meet in real time, are helpful to students, but online learning for some is not the same as on-ground learning.
Students enjoy the in-person contact because of the personal interactions and connections they have with their classmates and professors, and there are also less distractions when they’re on-ground.
In my experience, the synchronous classes are useful because you can see your classmates and professors together through a Zoom screen and have conversations with them. However, the Zoom breakout rooms can be lonely because some students’ cameras are off and it can be very quiet to a point where you don’t know if you should say something or not.
Ever since the campus closure, life has changed academically for everyone because they are indoors learning from home and have to follow the COVID-19 guidelines. When it comes to online learning, students can be confused and struggle a lot more than usual as they work on their assignments, leading to them needing extra help and guidance so they can understand their schoolwork better.
Another semester of online learning may impact students in a negative way because they will continue to have trouble learning virtually, and it can also impact their well-being by staying indoors more. The atmosphere of a classroom motivates students to work hard and get the support they need to be successful.
A study conducted in June 2020 showed that 75% of college students have said they felt more anxious or stressed due to online learning, according to a survey from Core Spaces, an integrated company.
For me, online learning has affected my mental health negatively because there is no motivation and a sense of laziness when doing my schoolwork and turning it in on time. The in-person learning is easier for me because the physical contact makes it an enjoyable experience.
When students return back to campus, they will feel a sense of relief, but will also be cautious because they have to wear face masks and continue to practice social distancing. The on-ground learning also may not be the same for students due to the COVID-19 guidelines.
For the upcoming fall semester, there will be a combination of both online and on-ground classes, according to the Cosumnes River College website.
It’s a good thing CRC is having a hybrid schedule later in the fall semester, so students can learn better and decide if they want to continue doing online learning or in-person.
Online learning has affected students negatively by staying indoors more frequently and not getting the proper education they need due to the pandemic.