Real college or no?


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There are many misconceptions about attending community college. Community college can be beneficial because of the hands-on experiences in the classroom, spending as much time as you need to get your general education and networking with faculty and colleagues.

There are many misconceptions about attending community college and I’m here to debunk them with my truth.
Let’s start with how people assume students only go to community college because said students did not get into a four-year university.
Some do, but it’s mostly those with the financial know-how, who would like to protect their funds.
This is coming from someone who’s been accepted to several universities, straight out of high school and decided to go where the money resides.
People may think that only unsuccessful people go to community college, but there are plenty of university dropouts out there to throw that myth out the window.
Fun fact, fashion designer Calvin Klein, actress Halle Berry and animator Walt Disney all attended community college.
Community college allows you to make a fool out of yourself without breaking your bank.
You can switch majors as much as you’d like, fail and try again without going into a gazillion dollars of debt.
It’s better that way because you can get the real deal of the workload a college student takes on. If you decide it’s not for you, you’ll again, look in your wallet while you smile like a Chesire cat, and breathe a huge sigh of relief, knowing that you can still feel like Mr. Krabs.
By now, you’re grasping the benefit of saving your money, but let’s jump into how community college is more than just dollar signs.
It’s the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences in the classroom and network with faculty and colleagues.
Being on a small campus is the practice before the playoffs.
You have so much time to prepare that by the time you transfer, (should you decide to) you’re more engaged than the majority of first-time freshmen at a four-year.
Another tale that adds to the stigma surrounding community college is that it’s only for students seeking vocational careers.
Wrong. Spending however long it takes at a two-year college to get your general education and as much lower division work as possible done is the best show of faith that you have in yourself when it comes to pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
Not only that, but you may decide to go to graduate school in the future.
Community college is so much more than you may think.
It’s your mental health. It’s figuring out who you are. It’s looking back at a career you maybe once had and have now decided to strive for a new one.
Community college is life-changing.