New season of ‘You’ lacks interest


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Actor Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in ‘You.’ Season four part two was released on March 9 with the five final episodes of the season.

The Netflix series “You” released the highly-anticipated second part of season four on March 9.

This psychological series continued with the main character Joe Goldberg, played by actor Penn Badgley (“Gossip Girl”), under a new identity as professor Jonathan Moore in a new country.

The show followed the same formula to previous seasons where Joe is looking for love and it has become repetitive and dull.

Joe finds himself forced into a friend group that consists of rich socialites which has been done in previous seasons.

The only thing that sets this season apart from previous seasons was a mystery killer out there which sparked a whodunit and coined the “Eat the Rich” killer.

The “Eat the Rich” killer was a basic revenge killer who targeted those in the group around Joe and carried out the same motivations that had been done in “You” before by Joe with trying to kill rich, horrible people.

The cast featured a new set of characters with the most memorable performances from actress Tilly Keeper (“EastEnders”) as Lady Phoebe and actress Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia (“Tracy Beaker Returns”).

These two actresses killed it on screen with quotable lines and great chemistry with other characters. Their story arcs were also profoundly better than the other characters as they often got more screen time and were the most captivating characters out of the bunch.

Actress Tati Gabrielle (“The 100”) also reprised her role as Marienne Bellamy in the show from season three.

The show introduced Kate Lockwood played by actress Charlotte Ritchie (“Ghosts”) as the girl next door which was stale because it was basic and didn’t do much with it.

She played as Joe’s love interest in the season, however she lacked personality and interest compared to other love interests Joe has had in prior seasons. Their chemistry on the screen was good, but it wasn’t good enough for them to become a couple.

The show allowed for a personal look into the mental state of Joe and how he was on the verge of a psychotic breakdown. This was done really well as the audience was able to see Joe in the worst mental state he has ever been in which also ties back to previous seasons and Joe’s hallucinations that went on.

Even though Joe does bad things such as killing others, his character is still rooted for in the series because he is the protagonist and makes the audience believe that those who he has killed are worse than him.

This show is known for having a strong second half, which in this season allowed the audience to see his declining mental state that led to his breaking point.

The massive success this show has garnered over the years has created room for another season to come out as the ending always gets left off with a twist. The twist for this season worked well as they tried something new that viewers had never seen before in the show and redeemed the season a little for how unexciting it was before the twist.

The season was worth the watch for the most part with some good plot points, but there were definitely things that could have been done differently that would’ve made the season better and memorable.