Re: ‘Distracted driving puts others’ lives at risk’

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to an article about distracted driving, written by Kayla Gangl. In the article, Gangl talks about the fast-growing epidemic of distracted driving. I specifically liked how Gangl states that distracted driving doesn’t just consist of using a phone but it is “anything that diverts a driver’s attention from the road.”

The topic of distracted driving is a serious matter that we should inform young adults about, specifically because they are the ones most likely doing things that distract you from the road in my opinion. Distracted driving can lead to people getting hurt and hopefully not but also deaths. Gangl tries to persuade the reader of not doing things that will distract you from behind the wheel and ultimately she does a great job of catching the reader’s attention. She does this by stating the punishments for texting and driving. Her statistics were very appropriate for the topic as who wouldn’t think twice of texting while driving if you can receive a ticket of up to $300. From reading this article, it makes me even more cautious of using electronic devices while driving. So for that, I thank you as well as Gangl for opening up the eyes of the community and trying to prevent tragedies.


Caesar Espinoza


Dear Editor,

Kayla Gangl, I completely agree with your article on this proven threat on the road. Unfortunately, it seems that the younger demographic can’t get the severity of a potential catastrophe it into their heads. That could be it though; arrogance in a young mind is powerful and leads these 660,000 drivers on the road believing that nothing will happen to them. It’s painful to hear that even with awareness programs put in place by the state and cellular providers, numbers of texters on the road haven’t dropped. Jail-time for texting is a bit overkill, but I believe the first offense ticket cost for California is set correctly as it is not too steep of a punishment, but acts as a deterrent for committing the crime again. Unfortunately, it seems that too many of these offenses are not caught by law enforcement, which would make the public youth ignorant to the true dangers.

Ray Hernandez


Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed these articles especially on the one about texting while driving. I knew a couple of faces in the article which I thought were cool! I felt like everything was appropriate to our daily needs. This is the first Connection paper I’ve read, and I’m impressed. I will pick up the next issue again.

Christian Matar