Re: ‘Vehicular theft decreases as bike theft increases’

Davina Vo, Reader

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to the article from March 16 about bicycle thefts.  It made me recall a conversation with a classmate who recently had his bike stolen on campus.  I suggested that he keep an eye out for it on Craigslist because that’s where many thieves go to try and resell something.  After all, it is not monitored.  I told him I would look out for it and asked for a description, but all he could tell me was that it was black.  Of course, it would be a little difficult to try and find a black bike because there are a lot of black bikes out there.  A couple weeks have gone by and it has not been found.
He bought a new bike because that was his only mode of transportation.  This time around, I suggested that he plaster his bike with tons of stickers and unique features so if this were to happen again, it could be easily spotted.  Getting stuff stolen sucks and the school should be a safe environment where we should not have to worry about things like this.
However, I am glad that this issue was addressed in the paper because it has been occurring a lot.  Hopefully, this will shed some light on bike thefts and students will take the time to look out for one another so this does not happen to another bicyclist.
Davina Vo