Construction begins on new sports facilities

Construction begins on new sports facilities

The new sports facilities are currently under construction, according to the Cosumnes River College’s Spring 2011 President’s letter.

The renovated facilities will include new baseball and softball fields, a FIFA-class soccer pitch and new parking spaces, Vice President of Administrative Services and Student Support Don Wallace said.

“It’s a very, very exciting renovation of those facilities,” Wallace said.

The renovation will also improve upon the entrance into the stadium, concessions and bathrooms, and bring those up to American Disability Act standards.

The majority of the funds are coming from Measure M, which voters passed in 2008. Measure M authorized Los Rios College District to issue $475 million in bonds to improve student academic performance by building new facilities, according to Los Rios Community College website.

An additional $1.5 million will come from the Elk Grove Unified School District and will be used for the artificial turf for the stadium, Wallace said.

During construction, softball and soccer players will continue to use their existing fields but baseball will temporarily move to an off-site facility.

“It gives us something to look forward to for next year,” sophomore men’s soccer player Demitri Fellines said.

The project will support Valley High School as well. The Vikings will use the renovated football stadium for their home football games.

The stadium’s track will be removed along with the oval shape of the field in order to accommodate both football and soccer games, Wallace said.

“As is the case with all our projects, students are the ones who benefit most from these renovations,” Wallace said.

The entire renovation of the sports facilities in expected to be done by Fall 2012.

“If we have new facilities, of course we aren’t going to want to lose any games at our new field,” Fellines said.