CRC softball finishes the season with a win

Cosumnes River College’s softball team may not have made the regional playoffs, but they ended their season on a high note with anticipation for the next season.Despite not qualifying, the Hawks played at their best in the final game of the season at home on a sunny afternoon against the Santa Rosa Junior College Bear Cubs.

“I was really happy with our finish,” Hawks’ head coach Kristy Schroeder said. “We had timely hitting with runners on base where they moved when they needed to and made good defensive plays.”

The Hawks were able to kick off the game by narrowly preventing Santa Rosa from getting a run. The Bear Cubs, though, were able to do the same when the Hawks were at bat.

The second inning established the Hawks’ dominance that lasted throughout the game when they loaded the bases while at bat. Freshman infielder Jasmine Fama hit a ball to the right field gap where the Bear Cubs’ outfielders were unable to catch it. Freshman outfielder Janelle Moran-Rowen and freshman pitcher Gabrielle Magana both scored on the hit. Fama scored later in the inning, giving the Hawks a three-run advantage.

“I just wanted to make sure the ball was on the ground so the other team can make an error,” Fama said about her mindset when at bat. “I didn’t want to be a hero but just wanted to put it in play.”

The Bear Cubs tried to come back in the following innings but had only scored two runs by the final inning of the game, ending in a 5-2 victory for the Hawks.

The game was the last for the Hawks this season. Everyone on the team is planning to return next season with the exception of first baseman Angelica Mendoza.

“This last game set the bar for the team next season,” Mendoza said. “I am the only one leaving but the team knows what they are capable of doing. I think they can take it on next year for the postseason.”

Schroeder is also feeling optimistic about next season.

“I am excited because we really finished on a strong note,” Schroeder said. “The other coaches and I were talking that even if the season is done, what happened has given us something to build on for the next season.”

Schroeder already has plans for next year to help make the team better.

“We need to get some more pitching so I have that in the works,” Schroeder said. “I would like to get more depth on our team, but I think the experience this team gained through this season will carry on over to next season.”