Hawks soccer player displays leadership through passion for the game


Stephan Starnes

Sophomore defender Rachel Dube keeps the ball inbounds and away from an Evergreen Valley College player in the Hawks' Sept. 5 home game.

There is one word that encompasses Rachel Dube’s focus as soccer team captain this season, that word is passion.

As one out of the two returning players to the team, Dube hopes that her passion for the sport can help her in leading a group of new players.

“My parents had a rule that we could play any sport we wanted as long as we played a sport,” Dube said. “My father was a soccer fan so he wanted me to play. I started playing and fell in love with it.”

After taking a semester off to focus on classes and units in order to make the transfer to a four-year school smoother, Dube has returned to the sport she loves.

“Honestly I wish they were more older groups of girls,  but it’s nice and I love it,” Dube said. “It’s hard though, to work with a team that’s never been together.”

Dube’s promotion to team captain demonstrates that passion for the sport is a key in her plans for the game.

“I hope to put some passion in the girls mainly,” Dube said. “We have the skills individually to play, but with the younger girls they lack the experience.”

When it came to her becoming the team captain head coach Cesar Plasencia said that the experience of having a season under her belt and knowing what college-level soccer is like gave her an advantage for the position.

“She brings experience and leadership qualities needed for our team as we’re very young.” Plasencia said.

Learning what losing a game means was another area that Dube felt she could expand on with her team. Dube said that losing needed to be seen as a big thing by the team.

“I know I have the leadership to get these girls where they need to be.” she said.

Plasencia said that Dube is already working to instill passion through her play. The team is very young though and haven’t picked up on her cues yet, he said.

“She’s very strong. She plays hard and gives it her all every game,” Plasencia said. “She could be an all-conference performer if she continues at the level she plays.”

With the season underway and quite a few games under their belt, Dube believes that her team has shown a lot of potential so far. She said it would be a struggle to make the playoffs though.

“With the numbers and injuries so far it’s a toss up,” she said. “Every girl has to be able to commit fully.”

Even with the pressures that come with being captain, at the end of the day Dube said she enjoys being captain and being a role model for her team.

“Be the best you can be and never give up,” Dube  said. “Those were things my parents hammered into me. Those that work hard will get what they deserve.”