Women’s soccer team ends season with loss, falls to seventh-ranked Santa Rosa

Cosumnes River College went head-to-head with the Santa Rosa Bear Cubs on the frigid night of Nov. 8, marking the last women’s soccer game of the season.

The game was tied 0-0 for the majority of the first half. Both CRC and Santa Rosa struggled to mount any offense throughout the first half of the game.

Santa Rosa scored an accidental goal when Hawks’ freshman defender Ashley Briglia tried to pass the ball but inadvertently kicked it into CRC’s net, which resulted in Santa Rosa’s first goal of the match.

The first half ended with the Bear Cubs leading the game 1-0.

The second half kicked off with Santa Rosa controlling the ball first but CRC gained possession back. The Hawks and the Bear Cubs kept on going back and forth with the ball.

Freshman midfielder Jessica DeAnda tripped and fell during a passing attempt to one of her teammates. The ball was then intercepted by Santa Rosa.

The Hawks had an attempt on goal, but the ball sailed over the goal post. The goal posts were hit several times, but neither team could cash in on a goal.

Freshman goalie Joana Hernandez successfully blocked a couple of goal attempts from Santa Rosa, but the Bear Cubs ended up scoring a goal after their third attempt, resulting in their second goal of the game.

Less than nine minutes left in the match, both teams still struggled to make goals. In the final few minutes, Hernandez blocked a goal attempt but was hurt in the process. She was carried out of the game and freshman goalie Oliana De La Torre took her spot for the rest of the game.

The game ended in 2-0 Santa Rosa victory.

Head coach Cesar Plasencia said that the team could have done a lot better.

“It was typical of how we played this season,” Plasencia said. “We just can’t seem to find a goal when we need it.”

The players were down by their loss as well, but some said that they gave it their all out there.

“I feel like we gave it our all and 110 percent effort,” said freshman center midfielder Sydney Miller. “We knew it might be our last game together.”

Plasencia also said that the team still tried their best out there. “My team always competes,” Plasencia said. “I’m really proud of what they do. They give it their best.”