Kings, you’re not welcome anymore

On the cusp of their seventh consecutive losing season, the Sacramento Kings owners, the Maloofs, want to part ways with the city and go elsewhere.

The city is known as a cow town, so when you think of Sacramento you wouldn’t expect a basketball team to be in the equation.

If the team stays in Sacramento, the city will lose more money to build a new arena, according to a 2012 article from the New York Times.

Another downside of the team staying is the ticket sales. No one wants to pay money to see a losing team.

The Kings have fallen into trouble as the team lost talent and the arena slid into disrepair. Last year, ESPN ranked the Kings second to last of 122 professional sports teams on such benchmarks as fan relations, winning records and stadium experience.

Does Sacramento really think that a new arena will make the Kings up their game? It’s just well wishing and the Kings need to go somewhere with money and time because Sacramento has neither.

The city is growing not only in the suburban aspect, but also in the aspect that new and elaborate eateries and clubs have attracted people all over the Bay Area to come and experience.

Sacramento will do fine without the Kings, trust me.

I remember when you thought of a bad team, you always thought of the Clippers. Now the tables have turned.

The Clippers have become one of the best teams in the NBA and where are the Kings? Oh yeah, second in line to be crowned one of the worst teams in the league.

Many say it is disloyal that the Maloofs want to take their team elsewhere, but I don’t think so. I see this as being one of the best moves, not only for them but for the city as well.

The city can save money and not worry about a new arena. Plus the money that they get from the Maloofs can go to something constructive to help out the city and make it more attractive to others.

Mayor Kevin Johnson said he wants the team to stay to help create jobs but he isn’t thinking sensibly when it comes to the debt of the city.

Building a new arena for the team will cost millions of dollars and it will potentially raise  taxes for Sacramentans. Higher taxes is a big issue when it comes to the country as a whole, so do you really think this will put a smile on the faces of Sacramentans if they see how much they are being taxed?

The Kings often struggled but eventually hit their stride, winning division titles in 2002 and 2003.

However, shortly after those successful seasons the Kings lost many games and have not even come close to the playoffs since.

Just like the Sacramento women’s basketball team, the Monarchs, the Kings need to disappear.

The Kings need to finish packing their bags and move on. The only thing they are causing is a headache.