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American cyclist Lance Armstrong admits to doping

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his reign as the best professional cyclist in the world.

Armstrong was linked to steroid use after his streak of seven consecutive titles from 1999 to 2005.

After denying all rumors, Armstrong came clean and put it all to rest.

“I viewed the situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times,” said Armstrong during the interview. “I’m deeply sorry for what I did. I can say that thousands of times. It may never be enough to come back.”

While speculation surfaced about his reported use of steroids, the International Cycling Union stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour de France wins and banned him from the sport.

Also in response to reports about alleged performance enhancing drug use, Armstrong left behind his cancer fighting foundation Livestrong in 2012.

Following Armstrong’s confession, people around the world have mixed reviews on the man they once looked up to.

Thomas Crawford, a 46-year-old human resources major at Cosumnes River College, believed that Armstrong did not use PED’s despite all the allegations.

“Lance was always believable in response to reports saying he took steroids all along,” Crawford said. “I never thought he used them and always thought the media was out to get him.”

Others believe Armstrong’s lying, use of steroids and harsh words against those who accused him of taking PED’s was wrong.

“It’s sad. He disturbed and pressured his former teammates to not reveal he was doping and by admitting he used steroids, my opinion did not set a positive image,” said 70-year-old undeclared major Richard Begley. “I think he went out and finally told the truth because he did not have anything to lose, since they stripped his titles and banned him from cycling.”

With the confession behind him, things may get even worse for Armstrong.

Because Armstrong upheld claims of his innocence for so long, the former cycling star faces possible lawsuits ranging from fraud, prize money and even federal crime investigations.

Celebrities like businessman Donald Trump believe Armstrong hurt himself by coming clean on his secret of using PED’s during his career.

“Lance Armstrong did himself great harm last night. Lawsuits & failure will follow him!” Trump tweeted.

If possible lawsuits are put forth on Armstrong, he could lose millions in endorsements through the legal system.

With the truth out now, supporters still stay strong and praise Armstrong for everything he did.

Jack Osbourne of the Osbourne family tweeted, “Honestly I don’t care that Lance doped. He gave people hope and that’s more important then anything. So what if he lied. #livestrong.”

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American cyclist Lance Armstrong admits to doping