Shorthanded women’s tennis team finishes off season


Cosumnes River College sophomore Taylor Osborne backhands the ball to her opponent, Fresno City freshman Jenna Rowe on March 19. Osborne went on to win both matches against Rowe.

Cosumnes River College women’s tennis met Fresno City College on the courts Tuesday for their last home game of the season.

In the first doubles match, CRC sophomore Taylor Osbourne and freshman Cassandra Gomez came out with a landslide victory, beating FCC 8-0.

“We’ve had a pretty good run,” Gomez said.

The duo are ranked first in the league and have only seen one loss the entire season, said head coach Suzanne Stebbins.

“They should qualify for state for sure,” Stebbins said.

The second doubles match saw freshmen players Angela Guererro and Lilana Seisa lose 6-8 to Fresno City.

“I felt powerful, but I dwindled,” Guerrero said.

Seisa said she felt disappointed with the result but knew the team performed at their best.

“I know that we played well today,” Seisa said. “We didn’t give away any points or any games.”

Stebbins said the pair, despite not having any formal training before this year, has seen lots of improvement.

“They’re learning the strategies well,” Stebbins said. “Not just hitting the ball, but placing it and using a different stroke for a different situation. They’re just coming full circle.”

Stebbins said she is confident that Guerrero and Seisa will return strong in the future.

“Next year, they’re going to be monsters,” Stebbins said.

Osbourne took both of her singles matches, beating Fresno City freshman Jenna Rowe 6-1 and 6-4.

“Taylor is second in the league for singles,” Stebbins said. “She serves harder than most of the men. It’s incredible.”

Gomez made a strong singles victory as well, leading 6-3 and 6-0 against freshman Kim Nigam.

But Fresno City was able to take advantage of CRC’s less experienced players, taking victories in the third and fourth singles matches against Gomez and Seisa.

“Consistency is super important,” Stebbins said, highlighting aspects of the team’s performance that needed improvement. “Fresno City is usually one of the best teams in the league.”

The final match ended in a default forfeit by CRC due to an uneven number of players between the two colleges.

“We’ve had a number of circumstances this year, so we only have four players,” Stebbins said.

Stebbins expressed the disadvantage that the team has faced throughout the season, often having to give up more than one game due to the lack of players on the CRC team.

“It’s hard to win some of the matches when you start 3 down,” Stebbins said.

Despite the disadvantage, Stebbins said that the attitude has been positive for herself and the team.

“They’re great girls and we’re having a great season,” Stebbins said. “They have great attitudes. We’re having fun with them.”