Tough conference and long losing streak tell tale of CRC volleyball season


Bobby Bishop

Freshman libero Samantha DaVeggio dives and saves a ball from hitting the floor in CRC’s match against Modesto on Nov. 20.

Emanuel Espinoza, Staff Writer

The Hawks endured yet another tough year in volleyball, with their last game ending on a sour note, losing to Modesto Jr. College on Nov. 20.

The Hawk’s last win came against College of Marin on Sept. 26, since then they lost 14 consecutive games all in three sets.

Overall, CRC ended the season with a 6-19 record.

Co-head coach Minet Gunther said that the team never really put every aspect of their game together into one match.

“One game we might pass well, but not hit well or vice versa,” Gunther said. “We might be hitting really well, but we’re not passing well to even have a good offense that day. So it really came down to we never put our defense and offense in transition and played well in all areas of the game.”

Assistant coach Ashley Johnson said that there were many areas that the team could have improved on.

“A lot of them came in not really understanding the concept of college volleyball as opposed to high school volleyball,” Johnson said. “So they weren’t as confident as they could have been. This year had a lot to do with rebuilding, so their confidence was a big issue that we had trouble with.”

Co-head coach Natalie Wells said that it wasn’t that things went wrong or went right, but that the conference is one of the most competitive in the league.

“It’s just that we had young volleyball-skilled players, so it’s just working on things that need to be improved so that they are ahead of the game come next year,” Wells said.

Freshman opposite hitter Jennifer Lysaght said that the season was tough but she mentioned that she got better and that it was a productive season.

“Other teams were really competitive this year and they came out strong,” Lysaght said. “We didn’t really have a lot of big people as far as blocking and not a lot of people were swinging away, getting their kills.”

Freshman middle hitter Alicia Madriago said that it was a tough season for them, but she was glad about the outcome of the last game because she said they played hard and that she made some great friendships throughout the season.

“I did enjoy playing on the team and this was a great experience because I do love volleyball,” Madriago said. “I’m glad I got to take it to the next level after high school.”

Sophomore setter Laura Villano said that she enjoyed playing on the team and that the team grew a lot. She also said that there were some players who dropped the team because of personal issues and that there were some red shirts who didn’t end up coming back out, which split the team down to about nine women, as opposed to the 13 that they started with.

 Villano said that the team could have improved a lot because they didn’t win very much.

“Our coach liked to say we got at least one percent better every day,” Villano said. “So at the end of the season, we ended up maybe not having the best record, but we did learn a lot.”