Shorthanded women’s basketball team wraps up season

Heather Kemp, Staff Writer

After a season packed with ups and downs, the Cosumnes River College women’s basketball season has come to an end.

Head Coach Coral Sage explained her view of the season.

“I think the season was successful. It was a little bit different than how I thought it was going to end when we started, but considering the things that the team went through, we had lost some players and had some key injuries towards the end. I thought we did really well considering those things,” she said.

Sophomore point guard Miya Oakes explained how a fluctuating number of players affected their season.

“We lost a few players, we had people injured, so most of our games we played with six to eight people,” Oakes said.

In a game where you must have at least a five player team to compete, the women did not let having so few people stop them from giving their all.

Winning 17 of their 29 games, the players reflected on the highlights of the last four months.

“I think the highest point of the season was the second round of playoffs,” said freshman point guard Laurene Hearn.

“We had kind of went in the first round a little downhill and we came back second round beating teams high in the conference with the small amount of players we had. I think our adrenaline was just up there.”

Sage also noted that the team is on a playoff streak.

“We made playoffs for the fourth year in a row which I thought was wonderful and we went into playoffs with only six girls which is pretty phenomenal considering our record being 17 wins and 12 losses,” Sage said.

“We finished fourth in conference essentially playing with only seven girls thats pretty phenomenal I think. We’re pretty proud of that.”

Hearn also commented on what she considered to be their downfalls of the season.

“As a team I think that more team bonding, more recruitment,” she said. “With the players that we added to the team making sure they were the right players. We needed more commitment.”

With all that they have been through, the women seemed optimistic in what they were looking forward to next season.

“Just building on what we did this year,” she said.

“We’re going to be bringing in basically an all new team. Obviously with having the low numbers and losing three sophomores we’re pretty much looking to rebuild a whole new team. We’re looking to build on our success. Our goal is to always make conference so we’ll try and do that again.”

“I’m looking forward to being a leader on the team and giving all that I can give,” said Jayla Henderson, a freshmen forward.

“For next season I’m just looking forward to a full team and pretty much winning most of the games,” Hearn said.

“I’m not looking forward to losing next season because we could have won most of our games this season, we just had little things keeping it from us. So I look forward to a winning season next year.”