TCS: Outdated views on women have no place in sports

If there is anywhere that the term old boy’s club fits pretty accurately it would be the world of professional sports.

In the male dominated area of sports, it should not be surprising that male athletes might have some very backwards ideas about women’s participation.

Latvian tennis player Ernests Gulbis is one of those.

The 24-year-old athlete made comments on May 30 in response to a question about his sisters playing professional tennis as well that that not only crossed the line but left the same line far behind.

Gulbis said he hopes that his sisters do not get into the professional world of his sport because “a woman needs to enjoy life a little bit more” as well as that a woman “needs to think about family, needs to think about kids.”

Adding onto the already growing pile, Gulbis said that female professional tennis players can’t think about having kids until their late 20’s, indicating that it’s tougher in some way to wait that long.

There are various issues that become apparent from these quotes. First off Gulbis is insinuating that women would have a much easier time in life if they were in the home raising their kids and taking care of a family.

Not sure if Gulbis was blissfully unaware when growing up, but I’m pretty sure that raising a family, no matter your gender or age, is not any easier than playing tennis professionally.

Second is the issue of claiming it’s tough for a woman to have children after their late 20’s, as if once they are an adult women are supposed to begin marrying and breeding so they can have this so called happy and easy life Gulbis seems to believe in.

These repugnant views on women are sadly quite rampant when it comes to pro sports. The idea of women participating in sports, from football to basketball, is mocked and seen as an offense to the very idea of team sports in the eyes of many men.

Billions are being spent on keeping the Kings in Sacramento, a decision that will greatly benefit the city, yet it was the female WNBA team the Monarchs that previously were the crown wearing winners of a championship series.

The Monarchs were the third Sacramento team to win a professional championship, the other two being the Knights soccer team and the former Surge football team, while the Kings haven’t won at all.

Yet, it’s the Monarchs that were folded and disbanded in 2009 as the Maloof brothers ceased ownership and new owners could not be found.

The WNBA is the butt of many jokes, but they brought a championship win to the city. I’d rather see a team that brings home the win over one that doesn’t, no matter what genitalia they may have.

Women’s sports are not easier or something to put down compared to men’s sports. Claiming that women belong at home instead of out on the court or field competing is so utterly ridiculous that the person speaking the words should be the one mocked and sent packing for a less “tough” profession.

Until Gulbis passes an entire human being out of his body, I’m pretty sure he’s got no room to speak on what is tough for women.