Lack of communication brings Hawks a loss in match against Bear Cubs

Emanuel Espinoza, Staff Writer

One of the main components of a successful team lies in communication between the coach and the players, and the players on the field together.

In the Cosumnes River Hawks women’s soccer match against the Santa Rosa Bear Cubs on Sept. 26, communication was said to be lacking by players and coaches alike.

Throughout the first half, both teams managed to play tough defense as passes were intercepted by both sides, attempted goals sailed over or rolled right past the goal post, and goalkeepers managed to catch and block the ball each time.

While the Hawks had a lot of possession during the game, sophomore defender Kori Martin said she felt that the team did well but that the reason the team lost in the end was a result of miscommunication.

“I think even though one of our stronger players got injured, we still pulled together and still had a lot of shots in,” Martin said.

The score was 0-0 at the end of the first half, but it wasn’t to last as the Bear Cubs pulled out a goal in the last 20 minutes of the second half and the Hawks were not able to recover, the game ending 1-0 in Santa Rosa’s favor.

Just like in the first half, most of the second consisted of the teams passing and intercepting the ball with little momentum.

Near the end of the match, sophomore midfielder Brianna Ascencio came close to tying the score but before the ball could slide into the goal it was saved by Santa Rosa’s goalkeeper.

Coach Cesar Plasencia said he felt that going into the game, CRC was the better team. He said that one of the things that went wrong in the game was a lack of communication between the players.

Hawks sophomore forward Lidia Iturriaga said that although the team lost, she still feels optimistic for future games.

“We will bring it next time,” Iturriaga said.