Possible cheating should not trump abuse in levels of outrage


Scott Redmond, Staff Writer

Deflategate, something you’ve probably heard about recently. In fact, I can guarantee that you’ve heard it at least in passing as it’s the biggest controversy surrounding the NFL at the moment.

In case the details of what Deflategate, a stupid name mind you, is about are fuzzy, here is a quick rundown: during the AFC Championship Game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots on Jan. 18 there were accusations that the Patriots deflated some of the balls they provided for the game.

Everyone from the team’s respective fans to casual viewers of sports have flocked to wherever they can to have their voices heard and express outrage on both sides of the controversy.

Cheating is a serious matter, especially in such high stakes games that lead to a team playing in the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event around, and whether they did it or not it’s something to investigate.

There is only one problem with the level of outrage, where was this giant outpouring when Ray Rice was seen on video beating his wife Janay Rice in an Atlantic City casino?

Don’t get me wrong, there was outrage, that was the reason NFL commissioner Roger Goodall and others moved forward with half-hearted moves that they believed would sate angry fans.

Ravens fans supported Rice and thought it was unfair that he be penalized. Rice won an appeal to keep playing and one that ordered the Ravens to pay him back pay that was missed out on while he was fired from the team.

Depending on where you go, people are screaming for the heads of the Patriots and demanding that the NFL ban them from the Super Bowl, with the time periods ranging from five years to indefinitely. Just the mere accusation that the New England team might have made some balls lighter, a move that only would have given them a slight advantage and still doesn’t explain how terribly the Colts were playing, seems to have people foaming at the mouth.

Yet a man that knocked his wife out and kicked her while she was down is not even a concern to most anymore. That man gets to potentially play again in the NFL if someone should hire him.

True matters where people are actually putting the lives of others in danger and doing egregious things get people angry, but only for a short while.. Cheating though apparently opens the floodgates of eternal rage.

It’s truly disgusting that both the NFL and the public are allowing this behavior from players by only being outraged for a bit and then going back to business as usual, while at the same time preparing to throw a team to hungry wolves because there might have been some cheating involved.

It’s just another sad example of how out of whack the priorities of many in this country are. Seeing their team win or people calling their team cheaters pisses them off more than a man using his size and strength to lay out a woman he purports to love and care about.

Let the balls go and get your priorities straight sports fans, because someone has to and we sure as hell can’t trust the NFL to do so.