There is no such thing as an odd-year curse


Scott Redmond, Staff Writer

Every year around this time baseball fans start gearing up for the season. For San Francisco Giants fans, 2015 is once again sparking conversation about the team’s supposed odd-year curse.

On March 5, right fielder and focus of a series of meme-style fan signs Hunter Pence was drilled by a pitch thrown by Chicago Cubs pitcher Corey Black. Pence made it to first base after getting hit by the pitch, but that was it for him in the game as the pain in his arm soon was revealed to be a fractured bone in his forearm.

A trip to the hospital and an x-ray confirmed the team doctor’s diagnosis and Pence was put on the Disabled List for 6-8 weeks. It was then that the curse talk began to ramp up.

It had already begun when team manager Bruce Bochy was taken to the hospital in mid-February soon after spring training began with some issues with his heart. After two stents were placed, Bochy was back at what he does best.

A root canal for catcher Andrew Susac, a knee contusion after getting hit with a ball for pitcher Santiago Casilla and a stiff neck for outfielder Angel Pagan whose 2014 season was ended after a back injury all added to the cry of the curse.

The ridiculous curse comes from the fact that the Giants have won three World Series Championships in the last five years, but only during the even years.

In 2011 the Giants were eliminated from entering the postseason, most claiming that catcher Buster Posey’s season ending injury contributed to their season not coming together. 2013 was much the same, just without the Posey injury.

So clearly because they didn’t make it in 2011 and 2013, the Giants must be doomed in 2015 right? Not even close.

The fan’s focus on this supposed odd-year curse is defeatist talk. It’s basically writing off the Giants’ chances to go anywhere this year.

The curse means nothing, just looking at 2014 pretty much can negate this curse. While they won the World Series in 2014, the Giants almost didn’t make it that far.

They only made it to the postseason as a wild card team, just like their World Series opponent the Kansas City Royals interestingly enough, and faced the Pittsburgh Pirates in a make it or break it match.

If they had lost that one match, that would have been it for them in 2014. Instead they won and continued on. Of course, those that believe the curse will just claim that they made it to the Wild Card game and beyond because of the luck of an even year.

Maybe the Giants won’t be able to defend their World Series crown this year, but it won’t be because of it being an odd year.

Every other MLB team has a shot to get to the World Series, just like the Giants.

Everyone who is part of the Giants organization, from owners to  the manager, coaches and players all have faith they’ll make it and have a shot in 2015. It’s time for fans to let this curse nonsense go.

Let’s make 2015 a year for the orange and black.