Sandoval won’t be missed after Giants diss


When fan favorite San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval decided to take an offer from the Boston Red Sox, there was a collective sigh of disappointment from many fans.

As of last week though, those sighs might rightfully be turning into grumbles and shaking fists.

Originally, during the parade that celebrated the Giants World Series win in 2014, Sandoval claimed that he hoped to stay on the team and would be happy to retire as a Giant. Later on, he said that he chose the Red Sox because he had been with the Giants since he was 16 and wanted to try something new.

The feeling of growing up and wanting to branch out is normal and seemed like a reasonable move for Sandoval.

Then last week in a shameless backstabbing move, Sandoval revealed in an interview with The Bleacher Report that he was glad to be gone from the team and would miss no one besides Team Manager Bruce Bochy and outfielder Hunter Pence.

Sandoval claimed in the interview that he knew he was going to leave during spring training last year, because he felt slighted by the fact that he wasn’t offered a more substantial contract by the Giants. He wanted a five-year deal, like Pence got, but the Giants countered and offered a four-year deal for $75 million with an option to turn it into a five-year $85 million deal.

This move by Sandoval is a slap in the face to fans that cheered for him as well as the teammates that stood beside him in what is generally believed to be one of the best clubhouses in the sport.

It made perfect sense that the Giants were wary of offering too much to the third baseman when he’s had numerous problems with keeping his weight down, especially between the end of the regular or postseason and spring training.

Instead of keeping his mouth shut and just surging ahead in his new home, Sandoval felt it was necessary to take a swipe at his old team. There is nothing classy about throwing people under the bus.

In fact, it just proves that the Red Sox and their fans had better be careful. In the interview he claims he is now home with them, but the man was just claiming that the Giants were like home and he gave them a foam finger sized middle finger.

Who knows what he might say about the Red Sox if he doesn’t get his way.

Ego does this sort of thing to too many athletes. They start to believe the accolades and hype and it turns them into poor sports.

Sandoval was a great member of the Giants and his accomplishments will remain as important parts of this era of Giants history, but they will forever be tarnished by the fact that he turned on those that helped him become who he is today.

Good riddance to Sandoval and his negative attitude. Hopefully for him the Red Sox and Giants don’t end up in the same stadium together anytime soon.