Student athletes take advantage of helpful campus services

The Hawks study center is just one of the helpful features Cosumnes Rivers College provides to  student athletes.

Located on the first floor of the CAC building, the study center offers study services to student athletes and the general student population throughout the academic year.

Although any CRC student can access the study center, CAC 104 was chosen as a specific location to help student-athletes.

“It really was an identified space here in our hub, PE and athletics is the hub of sports teams, so we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a space here in our own domain that can be used for that purpose,” said athletic counselor Allah-Mi Basheer.

The study center helps student athletes have a place to work said men’s basketball sophomore guard Mitchell Love.

“I go [to the study center] about three times a week, it definitely helps. I like how we can go in and do homework and not worry about the library being packed with everyone using the computers,” Love said.

Student athletes also have priority .75 registration in order to insure that they can get classes that will fit with their practice schedule, according to the Los Rios Community College District’s enrollment instructions.

Having access to a variety of helpful sources is something that student athletes should be thankful for said men’s basketball sophomore guard Phillip Randles.

“It’s a privilege,” Randles said. “Athletes should take advantage so they can get out in two years.”

While athletes have advantages like the earlier registration, Basheer said there are reasons for this.

“Sometimes student athletes are seen as a distinguished groups, [but] they are general population students. They just so happen to play sports here,” Basheer said. “By virtue of playing sport and creating scholarship opportunities through that sport that means they have to meet given timelines that other general students don’t.”

Basheer said that the different timelines are the big distinction between student athletes and general students.

“Their schedules tend to be more rigid in result, their demand for sport participation is full time as well and we also have student athletes who also work,” Basheer said. “While they have many things in common with general students, their athletic goals make their educational career unique.”