Volleyball team ends tournament on a high note


Mariah Rios

Justice Cooper, outside hitter, goes for a spike on the ball during a tournament hosted at CRC on Sept. 18.

The women’s volleyball team played against Columbia college, College of the Redwoods, and Cañada College in a tournament hosted at Cosumnes River College on Sept. 18.

Out of three back to back matches, CRC’s first opponent was against Cañada College at 1 p.m.

In their last match on Sept. 11, the ladies lost three-to-one in the CRC classic against De Anza.

“We’re playing without three starters-two injured and one out with a cold.” Said Head Coach Cassie Baxter. “We’re trying to make do with what we have.”

With the absence of the three starters the team fought to find balance on the court against Cañada.

“Some played positions they weren’t used to.” Said Assistant Coach Molly Hanrahan. “But they got used to playing different positions.”

“They’re super-friendly with each other. They play really well together.” Baxter said.

One hour and fifty minutes into the first match of the tournament CRC lost with a score of 2-3 against Cañada.

With some quick debriefing with Baxter, and some warm-ups before the game , the team got ready to face off against their next opponent Redwoods.

Amongst the players, some were still recovering from previous injuries. Whether that be the wrist, ankle, arm, etc.

“We were frazzled; a little bit intimidated.” Outside-hitter and left side-back player Cassie Thompson said.

After a rough first match, CRC struggled against Redwoods in the second match. After a series of missed kills and digs, The ladies lost to Redwoods 1-3.

“We were scrambling.” Baxter said.

Columbia was the final opponent CRC would face in the final match of the tournament.

“This next team is well coached.” Baxter said. “I’m hoping for a cohesive and energized group to play.”

Looking for a victory in the last match against Columbia, Thompson said the team was stronger in their group huddles, and the atmosphere surrounding the last game was positive.

In the final match of the tournament, CRC won 3-0 against Columbia.

“We came back from two losses.” Thompson said.”Towards the last game, the morale was really positive.”

“Columbia was the most difficult.” Hanrahan said. “They were really aggressive.”

CRC’s women’s volleyball team are preparing to play against Feather River Friday, Sept. 25. Hanrahan said she was “really glad to have a week to recover.”