Men’s basketball wins crucial conference game against Sierra

The Cosumnes River College men’s basketball team prevailed against Sierra College in a 70-67 victory on Thursday.

After the game, Head Coach David Aye expressed pride in his team’s effort on the court.

“They played together pretty well.” said Aye. “ I feel like the 40 minutes they played together they knew the game plan, trusted in themselves, trusted in the game plan.”

Aye mentioned that the Hawks had incorporated a brand new defense and adapted to it perfectly, adding to the team’s effort.

The Hawks suffered a loss against American River College on Wednesday night. Similarly, the Wolverines lost to Diablo Valley College, tying the two teams for first in the Big 8 conference.

The game started off slow for the Hawks as they picked up a first team foul at the start of the game. After that, the first five minutes of the first quarter was skillfully dominated by the Wolverines.

However, the Hawks exploded into energized synchrony as they established their teamwork in the later haul.

Although the Wolverines scored quickly, the Hawks came into their rhythm with a succession of two-point shots made respectively by Leondre Lintz, Gerard Andrus and Johann Tate Jr., tying the game at 17-17.

The teams exchanged leads early, as the Hawks and Wolverines seemed to match each other point for point.

The scores for the first quarter remained neck-in-neck with each other, until the Hawks broke free and went into halftime leading 41-38.

Picking up where they left off at halftime, the Hawks maintained a lead for 13 minutes into the second half until the Wolverines capped their lead with a 60-60 tie.

Nearing the end of the game, the Wolverines pulled ahead by a one point 66-67 score , and the Hawks, desperate for a shot, answered with a two-point basket within 12.8 seconds of the remaining 30.7 seconds left in the game.

The Wolverines and the Hawks got into a minor altercation involving a shot-clock violation.

“We had gotten a jump ball on their end,” said Aye.  “We had scored within 12.8 seconds, which means we did get the shot up in time.”

After a brief deliberation between referees, the shot was awarded to the Hawks, giving them a 68-67 lead with 12 seconds remaining.

With a final two-point shot, and serious hustle by both teams offensively and defensively, the Hawks won 70-67.

“We’re feeling real good, but we also know we have to finish off the season.” Said number 31, Kenny Doss.

Trevor Hooper also said the team was proud but keeping a level head, and had a game plan going into the next two games.

“[We] Just come out with the same fire.” Hooper said. “Same intensity, doing what we do and that’s share the basketball, play great defense, listen to coach and hopefully we’ll come out with the win.”