Women’s basketball team gains experience in tough season

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The Cosumnes River College women’s basketball team entered the season with a young roster.

The Hawks had 12 freshmen and one sophomore on the team this season, presenting a challenge for everyone.

Women’s basketball coach Coral Sage knew this season would be tough, but would also provide a chance for her young team to develop and gain experience.

“The girls grew a lot during the season. To be able to be competing with top teams in the conference is a success,” Sage said.

Having such a young team that has to learn the coach’s system can be challenging, but Sage knew the hard work would be worth it in the end for building the program.

“A lot of new freshmen and teaching a new system can be challenging, but it has its rewards to see them continue to grow and keep fighting,” Sage said.

While a lack of experience in the system was an obstacle for the Hawks, the young team showed they could overcome it.

The Hawks won five games this season, including three conference games. With a 5-20 record, it would be easy for a team to get discouraged.

Sage constantly encouraged the team to keep pushing on through the season despite the losses.

The team kept fighting, especially at the end of the season with some close, hard fought losses to Sacramento City College, American River College and a one-point overtime loss to Diablo Valley College.

Now with the season over, Sage can look back at all the improvements the team made on the court and their ability to come together through the difficult season.

“I am proud of how the team came together at the end and to see how the girls have rallied together,” Sage said.

Being on the basketball team is not just about the team’s final record, but also about the bonds that develop between teammates and the ability to grow together as players.

While this year’s outcome may not have been what they were hoping for in the standings, they became a closer group.

“The best part of the season was getting to know my team,” said freshman guard Jill Peters.

The Hawks were able to grow together and established friendships with some people they did not know before the season started.

The girls also took this season as an opportunity to learn and pick up on mistakes they made this year, to make sure they don’t happen again next season.

“As a team, we could have listened more earlier on in the season to the coach and start to apply it, “ said freshman guard Taneisha Dyer.

“I would change the amount of effort we put in as a team,” Dyer said.

The lessons the players have learned from this season and the experience they have gained, can help them put it all together next season to become a more polished, experienced team.

Now looking ahead to the offseason, the Hawks know where they can improve and enhance their on-court abilities and enter next season with plenty of experience in the Hawks system

With the help of the close games at the end of the season and the strides they made as players and teammates, the Hawks should have plenty of confidence to build on heading into the offseason.

“Confidence was a big thing all year for the team,” Sage said.

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