Hawks’ soccer season ends in shutout playoff loss to Falcons

It was a crushing loss for Cosumnes River College as they were knocked out for the second year in a row by Folsom Lake College in the Northern California women’s soccer junior college regionals on Nov.22.

The Hawks were dropped by the Falcons 2-0 and eliminated from the postseason in what was an extremely physical, high-intensity game.

Throughout the game, no red cards or yellow cards were handed out. The physicality and numerous collisions added to the playoff tension between conference opponents.

“I thought the referee didn’t do a good job of controlling it early, and consequently, the girls got into each other a bit during the game and ended up in the tussle there at the end,” said Hawks head coach Cesar Plasencia.

This was the third meeting between the Hawks and Falcons. The teams split road wins earlier in the season. It also was a rematch of last year’s second round playoff game, which Folsom Lake College won in double overtime.

It was a physical game with takedown tackles going back and forth as the refs let it play on. The first half was a stalemate, with both teams exchanging shots on goal and hard tackles in the conference playoff battle.

Both teams had shot on goal opportunities throughout, but open shots just went wide of the mark or were deflected by both goalies.

As the clock hit the 60’ mark, Falcons sophomore forward Hannah O’Donnell cracked open the game and gave Folsom a 1-0 lead.

Shortly after, Folsom Lake extended its lead when sophomore midfielder Karina Torres scored on a penalty kick.

After the quiet first half, the Falcons were able to pick up the quicker style of play and counter against the Hawks’ style in the second half.

“We played the ball faster, quicker and we just found their style of playing and just went through them,” said Folsom Lake defender Mia Evans.

As the final seconds wound down, the emotions of the game reached the tipping point.

A late push by a Falcons player along the sideline seconds before time expired, led to words being exchanged and then pushing and shoving.

More players rushed the field as officials ran into the fray to separate players.

It was a crushing end to the Hawks season, but both players and coaches were  proud of the work and effort the team put in this year.

“I’m very proud at how far we got this year and the results we got,” said sophomore forward Andrea Story.

“Even though the last game wasn’t in our favor I think it just adds a new fire under the freshman’s butt, cause now Folsom will be their new rival.”

As the team huddled up after the game, the coach let his players know once again he was proud of the work they have done this season.

“Keep their head up. Proud of their effort, proud of our season and start preparing for next year,” Plasencia said.

The Hawks end the season with a 10-9-5 record, 7-6-3 in the Big 8 Conference, and made the playoffs for the 10th year in a row.