Men’s baseball unable to secure the win in ninth inning, give up three runs

In a close game that was decided in the final inning, the Skyline College Trojans edged out the Cosumnes River College Hawks men’s baseball team 5-4 on Tuesday.

Both teams played well, showing great skill. In fact, the game was scoreless until the top of the fifth inning. Head Coach Tony Bloomfield complimented the Trojans, but said that he felt the Hawks should have been able to win the game.

“We expect to win every time we suit up, so we should have won that game,” said Tony Bloomfield. “We just gave it away at the end.”

The game was largely decided by the Hawks’ pitching. The first half of the game was pitched by Hawks players Steven Talbert, who pitched for the first three innings, and Anthony Castaneda, who pitched from the fourth until partway through the fifth.

“The starting guy [Talbert] did a good job, he struggled about with his command,” said Tony Bloomfield. “Castaneda came in and threw really well the fourth inning. He lost a little bit the fifth inning when they got their two runs.”

In the top of the fifth, the Trojans scored two runs. Castaneda then switched with freshman pitcher Donovan Harrison. After giving up a walk, the Hawks made a double play to finish the inning for the Trojans.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, sophomore player Brett Bloomfield was able to get the ball rolling for the Hawks by getting a single and sophomore Brian Morley got to first base.

Sophomore Billy Rockefeller was able to seal the deal for the inning by nailing a homerun out to right center. The Hawks scored three runs off this play, putting them ahead of the Trojans 3-2.

“I was pretty pumped up,” said Rockefeller. “It was a big, big moment for us to get a lead change.”

Tony Bloomfield said he recognized the importance of Rockefeller making the hit when he did.

“He’s supposed to make big hits. He’s supposed to hit for power, but that was a big hit,” he said. “He put a good swing on it, put us ahead.”

At the top of the seventh inning, the Hawks put out freshman pitcher Daniel Vitoria. Vitoria pitched well, helping the Hawks to keep the Trojans from scoring for two innings.

“I just felt focused. I felt prepared because lately I’ve been doing well in bullpens,” said Vitoria. “This was only my second college game, so I had to bring a lot more focus than I’m used to and it did pretty good for me, and if I can continue to do this, maybe I can continue to be successful.”

The Hawks scored again in the seventh when Morley got a hit, allowing Brett Bloomfield to score a run, putting the Hawks up 4-2.

Unfortunately for the Hawks, the ninth inning proved to be a pivotal moment for the Trojans. Hawks sophomore Jordan Yu came out to pitch but was unable to put the Trojans away, allowing them to score a run.

The Hawks switched Yu for freshman John Treat, who was able to field a bunt and give the Trojans one out. However, he was unable to put them away, and the Trojans scored two more runs before they finished the top of the ninth, taking the lead over the Hawks 5-4.

The bottom of the ninth was tense as the Hawks attempted to score. The Hawks though were unable to get further than first base as they quickly got three outs to end the game.

Rockefeller said that he feels the Hawks can win any game, but they have to be able to finish strong and close out games.

“We feel like we can win every game,” Rockefeller said. “We’re playing against the game, not our opponents.”

The Hawks play again on Thursday at College of the Canyons. Their next home game is against College of the Sequoias on Feb. 16 at 2 p.m.