Women’s basketball team fights hard but loses in season’s emotional final game

The Lady Hawks’ last basketball game of the season was intense and emotional. The Hawks were defeated 96-53 by the San Joaquin Delta Mustangs.

In the beginning of the first quarter, the Hawks started off strong. The team was in sync with plenty of fluid assists, shots and second chance points were made.

“We started off really strong,” said Head Coach Coral Sage. “It fell apart towards the middle of the second quarter.”

Hawks sophomore guard Daija Ward began the game with her short jump shot. From then on, the chemistry between Ward and Hawks sophomore guards Jasmine Chapman and Gina Ingravallo was undeniable as they lead the team with powerful strides and passes across the court.

Chapman scored off an alley-oop from Ward.

Ingravallo got a defensive rebound and scored on the other end.

Late in the first quarter, the Mustangs caught up. The crowd was anxious after the Mustangs quickly scored shots, and the Hawks finally got the ball back to pick up the game. With a smooth pass from Ingravallo to Ward, Ward shot and the ball went in with a lucky roll.

There were 16 seconds left on the clock, and possession of the ball was to be determined by jumpball. Chapman successfully got the ball, took a shot at six seconds and missed. The first quarter ended 26-20 with Delta leading.

“It’s tough to play a team like Delta; they’re an army,” said Chapman.

The team ratios were nine players from the Hawks and 11 players from Delta Mustangs.

“It’s hard to keep up,” said Coach Sage. “They have a lot of players so we don’t have the same by power to keep subbing through.”

In the beginning of the second quarter, the Hawks were consistent with rebounds but missed shots.

Ingravallo was fouled and made a free throw. Though the Hawks were persistent in retrieving the ball, they had lost their rhythm.

Ward’s amazing full-court run gave the crowd hope that the game would turn around. Ward passed the ball to Hawks sophomore guard Taneisha Dyer, who missed the shot. Hawks freshman guard Trina Shaner caught the rebound, and Chapman took the shot and missed. Shaner caught the rebound again and Chapman made the redemption with a basket.

Dyer ended the second quarter with a shot. The score was 33-53.

As the game went on in the third quarter, the Hawks did not lose their spirit as their stamina was consistent with continuous passes and free throw attempts.

Freshman forward QuoQuese Jackson stole the ball, passing it to Ingravallo for a three-pointer ending the quarter 72-43.

The beginning of the fourth quarter consisted of points from free throws.

At the end of the fourth, Ingravallo stole the ball and sophomore forward Akila Britton took two shots to close the game.

“I am very proud regardless of the score,” Ward said. “We continued to play hard no matter what. These girls got heart and I’m proud of them.”

The Hawks were proud of their last game and the sophomores were feeling mixed emotions.

“They’re a tough team, but we played a lot better than the last time we faced them,” said Ingravallo. “It was just good that we came together for one last hurrah.”

Seven Lady Hawks will be leaving the court this year, so there’s going to be a brand new team next year for what Sage said she hopes is a more successful season.

“We’re recruiting really hard right now to bring in players that hopefully will change the program back to a winning program again, that’s our focus right now,” Sage said.