Sophomore hopes to score academically

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A business major with a soft spot for lumpia and hot wings, the movie “Love & Basketball” and an admiration for the Boston Celtic’s Kyrie Irving are what make men’s basketball’s Jordan Roberson who he is, but it’s his skills on the court that really make him stand out.

Roberson, 21, a sophomore student at Cosumnes River College and a guard for the men’s basketball team, has been playing basketball since he was 8 years old and is an aspiring NBA player. And with impressive achievements, such as being a four-year varsity starter, “All League MVP” for three years and breaking his school’s scoring record, he may well be on his way to just that. But at CRC, Roberson is also able to boast some qualities and achievements that make him a valuable player and teammate.

“I’m understanding the game mentally, physically,” said Roberson. “I feel like I’m getting a lot stronger, and I’m taking better control of the game and using my mind over my skills.”

Being an achieved athlete requires skills and effective qualities. For Roberson, what led to his great achievements is his work ethic.  

“I’m always trying to get better. I do the little things,” Roberson said. “I’m always trying to learn because it’s never too late to get more knowledge.”

Men’s basketball head coach Jonathan James said that he believes Roberson’s best quality is that he studies the game of basketball which allows him to improve his game.

James said that this approach to basketball is what makes him stand out as opposed to others who just like to watch highlights to improve.

“They’re watching highlights, but they’re not really watching how the person, the player, the team got to that highlight; what did he do?” James said. “Jordan’s that type of kid.”

Other things that make Roberson stand out are things such as his ability to shoot, his confidence in himself and that he is a “gamer,” James said.

“In basketball in general, there’s not a lot of guys that thrive in the big moment,” James said. “With Jordan, there’s never a game too big. I think the bigger the game for him the better he performs.”

Using these skills, Roberson’s personal goals for this season are to “be a leader, help my teammates, get them involved, show them where to be in offense and defense, take control of the game and just lead them to victory.”

Gor Mikayelyan is a 23-year-old shooting guard for the team, and, as Roberson’s fellow teammate, can personally attest that Roberson has already been able to achieve some of these goals.

Roberson’s most valuable qualities on team include being a good scorer and defense, but also being a good leader.

“He’s always trying to keep guys locked in, keep guys focused so they can always do good so we can succeed as a team,” Mikayelyan said. “He’s good at bringing the team together.”

Besides being a good player, Mikayelyan also said that there are many things that make Roberson a good teammate.

“He helps you out on the court just as much as he does off the court,” Mikayelyan said. “He always asks me have I done my homework, have I studied. He actually helps other teammates with class so he’s good at keeping guys focused.”

But Roberson’s mind isn’t just focused on being a great athlete and making achievements in basketball. He also has goals to become more academically successful.

“I want to have the most division-one scholarships on the team. I want to lead the team in my academics and have the best grades on the team,” Roberson said. “I just wanna put myself in the highest position I can be in.”

Roberson has already achieved one of his goals, which is to be an honor student and have between a 3.0 and 3.3 GPA. His other goal, receiving the Scholar Athlete Award which he had received his freshman year, is also something he hopes to accomplish.

But as the season has just begun, Roberson said he has a lot to show to those who are watching.

“People doubted me for a long time, saying I wouldn’t be somebody,” Roberson said. “I feel like I have the background to show that a lot of people were wrong about what they thought about me. It’s just the beginning. I have a lot to prove still.”

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