Hawks second half surge falls short for win


Blynn Beltran

Guard Alexiza Liddell going up for a lay-up against ARC

The women’s basketball team was unable to stave off a home loss against American River College on Jan. 19.

ARC showed immediate dominance throughout the first quarter of the game, starting off with a 12-0 run in the entire half of the period.

The Hawks had a hard time getting the ball in the basket and were shooting an abysmal 25 percent from the field, despite being on or near the paint.

Hawks’ Shooting Guard Trina Shaner was able to break the offensive drought with a much needed three-pointer from the right wing. Turnovers were also a factor as the Hawks had two more than the visitor’s five.

“I think we always come out really slow, especially in the first quarter, and we just have to get into the flow of our offense,” Trina Shaner said. “The teams do scouting reports so we all know that we have to work harder to get those shots off. So I think we were just having a tough time getting use to that.”

However, it is not all bad news in the first for Cosumnes as they showed tremendous play recognition.

The Hawks were able to get in the Beavers’ passing lanes with ease, converting them into steals.

Despite the hustle, the Hawks could not capitalize during transition because they were met by the defense, which stops and/or forces them to take contested shots.

“We practice being aware of the passing lane,” Hawks Point Guard Lexi Liddell said. “So when we get to the game we just do it automatically.”

The second quarter wasn’t as brutal for the Hawks as the first and they were able to make more shots.

They shot 43 percent from the field on the second quarter compared to the 25 percent of the first.

However, this wasn’t enough as they were still down by 15 points by the end of the first half.

But the Beavers weren’t prepared for what the Hawks had in store for the rest of the game.

In the third quarter, everything began to shift towards Cosumnes.

They began to go on a four-and-zero run including an and-one lay-up by Hawks Guard Brookelyn Larkin.

On top of that, Beaver’s Guard/Forward Jasiah Sufi commits a technical foul which leads to two more free-throws for the Hawks.

Within two minutes, they began from being down 15 to only being down eight points.

Unfortunately, the Beavers will not go away as they kept on making enough shots to cover their lead which stayed at 14 after the quarter ended.

The fourth was even worse for the visiting team as Cosumnes began to light them up.

The Hawks were making contested lay-ups after contested lay-ups and the defense couldn’t come up with an answer until halfway through the quarter.

Not only are the Hawks plowing through the Beaver’s defense, they were fighting for offensive boards.

When the Beavers figured out how to stop the Hawks on the interior, the home team began to light it up from deep.

Larkin made two consecutive transition threes to bring the game to 58-54.

However, the clock was not on their side and they were beaten by five points.

“We’ve been telling [Larkin] all season that she can shoot the ball and finally she listens,” Hawks Head Coach Coral Sage said.