New coach to lead the team this spring


Kainoa Nunez

Don Mico looks on as Hawks play Lassen Community College on Feb.9

Don Mico returned as head coach with high hopes for his team this season.

The returning coach is enthusiastic to lead his baseball team to its first state championship since his previous tenure in 2012 and he has a plan.

“We need to pitch, we need to play defensively, we need to execute. If we do these things we should be in every game we play this season,” Coach Mico said.

The coach is treating the team as an extension of his own family and sharing their successes as his own.

“I originally came [to CRC] in the fall of 2011, and in the spring of 2012, we won the championship,” Mico said.

Mico credits the departing Bloomfield as highly influential in the way the team trains, and also said that from the system Bloomfield built, Mico only steers the ship.

“I’ve been blessed by [coach] Bloomfield. He has taught me to be a better coach and a better father,” Mico said.

Mico’s Assistant coach, Ray Hernandez, who has been the assistant coach for the past 3 years, is optimistic about the possibilities a new head coach offers.

“The previous coach leaves a big shadow, [Mico] is handling it well. He’s not trying to be him, but where they are the same is caring,” Hernandez said.

As a Sacramento native, Mico has a vested interest in the success of this team.

“I was born in Sac. I’m from South Sac. If you are from this area you know how far I’ve come,” Mico said.

And he is ready to forge his young players into genuine athletes.

“We are really young, we have guys coming straight out of high school at 18,” Mico said. ”These guys go right into the fire and need to compete.”

Hernandez agreed, saying, “They have a lot to learn.”

One of his players happens to be his son, second baseman JD Mico.

“I think it’s great that he can share his baseball knowledge with me out here, because he’s just helping me so much to become a better player and a better
person,” JD Mico said.

On and off the field Mico shows his dedication and care for people.

“I love it,” said Hernandez. “He’s definitely hard working and he cares about the kids and he cares about the program.”

Mico has an upbeat outlook toward the season for his team of young players,

When asked about his plans for the team this season.

“Compete with the big 8, which is the strongest teams in the north” and ”Win a state championship,” Mico said.